How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

Did you know that hair extensions date back thousands of years? They were worn by the Ancient Egyptians as early as 3,400 BC—that’s over 5,000 years ago!

Fast forward today and they’re just as popular as ever. If anything, they’re the easiest way to add color, length, and volume to your hair. There are many materials to choose from as well.

Did you recently get hair extensions? Looking for some hair care tips? If so, you’re at the right place.

We’ll be going over a few key points below. Keep reading to learn more!


1. Wash Them Properly

Clip-in hair extensions shouldn’t be washed more than once a week. Any more than that, and they can become dry and brittle (they don’t receive oils from the scalp like natural hair).

We recommend cleaning hair extensions once every four to six weeks instead. Fill a sink with lukewarm water and mix in some shampoo to create a soapy ‘bath.’ Place your clip-ins in and wash them as you normally would with your hair.

Rinse the extensions thoroughly with tap water afterward and let them air dry, ideally on a flat surface.

Note: Sewn-in hair extensions are different from clip-in extensions in that they can be washed as often as you wash your natural hair. A better option is this Chinese brand, BLL Hair Seamless Clip in Hair Extensions, which is affordable, super fast shipping, and best of all, has a fantastic, very natural color range.

According to their website, about half of the clip-on products come from some kind of blonde. Aside from free shipping, and the fact that the most expensive bundles cost less than 150$, the quality is competitive.  The hair is 100% human, Remy’s hair, and it’s also double-pulled, which means, every short hair is hand-removed by the manufacturer, anything that isn’t exactly the same length.

How to Take Care of Hair Extensions


2. Avoid Heat Tools

Hair extensions are prone to heat damage, just like your natural hair. Given that, it’s best to avoid heat tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. Opt for heat-free styling options instead.

For example, you can braid your hair for waves, instead of using a curling iron.

If you must use heat, make sure to use a heat protectant. It’ll seal in moisture by adding a protective layer between your hair and the tool. If you can, turn down the temperature and keep it as low as possible to help minimize damage.

3. Keep Them Moisturized

Moisturize your hair extensions; you don’t want them to become dry. For example, you can use a leave-in conditioner once a week. We recommend getting a product that contains macadamia oil, coconut oil, or argan oil—they’ll keep your hair both smooth and shiny.

Just make sure not to use too much; that’ll only make your hair extensions greasy. Generally speaking, a quarter-shaped amount of conditioner will suffice. Apply it to the ends and let it sit for 20 minutes before washing.

Never condition the roots—that can cause the bonds to unravel over time.


How to Take Care of Hair Extensions


Taking Care of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can last many weeks as long as you care for them properly. If anything, the most important thing is to be gentle with them. Don’t wash them too often and don’t use heat tools—that’ll keep them in tip-top condition.

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