How To Transform Your Home Into A Staycation Resort

Whether you’re on a tight budget, working from home, or just can’t get away from the kids, there are plenty of reasons why you might be interested in a staycation. Sure, it means that you can’t go out and enjoy time with friends, but for some people, a staycation might even be better than a vacation.

A staycation is a great way to relax and rejuvenate when you can’t go on a real vacation. You may even be wondering if it will be worth it to spend money on your next trip when you have so many stresses at home. Fortunately, it especially pays to stay at home during a staycation. If you can’t afford a luxury trip, this is the next best option.

But, if you feel like getting creative and giving yourself more than what your house can already offer, here are some ideas on how you can prep your abode to feel like the vacation you deserve!


How To Transform Your Home Into A Staycation Resort


  • Hang A Hammock

Getting a few minutes of afternoon nap can be rejuvenating, especially when swinging on a hammock under a cool shade in your backyard. Rest is synonymous with laying on a hammock while flipping your favorite book or magazine, too. Or perhaps to enjoy the weather while sipping a cold drink.

  • Keep Your HVAC System In Good Order

While the pandemic has people mainly staying at home, it’s also essential to keep your home safe from dust, allergens, and more. A staycation is not as enjoyable if you suffer from allergies and respiratory ailments because of poorly ventilated rooms.

Your health is a top priority, which makes it essential to call for a professional to clean the filter of your HVAC system. Here’s a great post to read if you need more information on why it’s beneficial to keep your HVAC system in good condition.

  • Declutter Your Home

A resort-like feel applies to your home when you declutter to create space. It’s a simple task that some find hard to do. But rearranging furniture, sorting your decorations, and removing things you’re not using anymore can inspire and relax you.

Make sure to keep the entryway of your home clear by checking the tables, desks, and consoles. Use multipurpose storage and organize things in specific containers to find them easily. Keep the things that make you happy, and practice decluttering every day to keep your home clean and organized.


How To Transform Your Home Into A Staycation Resort


  • Use Tropical Elements

If your idea of a relaxing resort is somewhere warm and tropical, you’ll need to give your home some additions to make it feel and look like paradise. You can set the mood and tone of bright and sunny days with cool temperatures. Decorative and textured surfaces help invoke a warm and welcoming feel, so use polyester fabrics for upholstery, curtains, and throw pillows to prevent bacterial growth in a warm climate.

You can also decorate with tropical colors such as aqua, fuchsia, turquoise, coral, lime, tangerine, sea spray blue, and canary yellow. These bold hues add a refreshing feel to any room in your home

  • Add Exotic Plants

It’s no real vacation without the greenery. So to incorporate this in your staycation resort, you can add exotic plants indoors to invoke a more tropical flair. Some excellent indoor plants are known for their patterned leaves and flowers, making them the perfect addition to your relaxation.

If you’re looking for indoor plants that you can also bring outdoors during warmer seasons, here’s a list:

  • Anthurium
  • Amazon Elephant’s Ear
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Ficus
  • Cordyline
  • Bromeliad
  • Dumb Cane
  • Peace Lily
  • Kentia Palm
  • Orchids
  • Philodendron

You can check your local nursery for these plants and flowers or ask what local tropical plants they can recommend. You can also plant them outdoors, so they’ll be visible every day.


contemporary patio Transform Your Home Into A Staycation Resort


  • Turn Your Bedroom Into A Hotel Inn

The bedroom is often one of the highlights of a vacation resort. Your bedroom may already be comfortable, but you can make it look like a hotel or resort bedroom by doing a few simple things.

You may want to have a rectangular bed with a comfy mattress, soft pillows, cool sheets, and cushions. You can also arrange your bedroom furniture or add a bit more if you have ample space. If you have a window bay, add an armchair to utilize the natural lighting while you read.

If you can, get a slim TV that you can mount on the wall to free some floor space. It’s also great to have warm lighting to make your room inviting as this is your space for resting.


How To Transform Your Home Into A Staycation Resort


  • Make Your Bathroom A Retreat Area

While it is already a private area, you can amp it up a little to look like a hotel or inn bathroom. Do some decluttering and hide the unnecessary items in your bathroom cabinets or closet.

Get yourself some scented candles and warm bath mixes such as herbs, flowers, and salts. You can even watch a movie on a mobile device on a tub tray and enjoy a glass of wine. A bubble bath will feel amazing even if you do it at least once a week.


You don’t have to travel miles away to enjoy a vacation. Emulate the feel of being home away from home by making some changes. You can mimic a tropical paradise right inside your house by arranging furniture, decluttering, adding elements to your rooms, and ensuring that your ventilation works appropriately makes for a healthier place to rest and relax.

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