How to Travel Abroad with Your Pet: Top 10 Pet Travel Companies

Vacations are very exciting, even better when you share those memories with your pet. Are you planning to travel abroad with your pet? Well, great! When you plan on traveling to a new place along with your pet, no matter how badly you want your pet right by your side while traveling overseas, it is almost impossible especially when you are planning to move to a new state or country. Many states allow pets only through animal cargo and this might turn out to be a very unpleasant journey with the least care for your pet. This is very depressing for not just your pet but for you as well because we understand how dearly precious our pets are to us.

To avoid such travel obstructions many people prefer hiring a pet courier service for better care in the hands of experts. The courier service not only takes care of your pet but also becomes a great help in handling the legal documentations and certifications. This provides an upper and through a chaotic schedule of packing and arranging stuff for yourself to move out. The Pet courier services have grown in demand and have become an industry for the requisitions they are fulfilling and are committed to the need of an hour.

When the industry grows the competition also rises and to avoid involving in bad service, If you want to travel abroad with your pet then here is a list of top 10 websites that are best in providing the best pet shipping service:


1: PetAir

This is a United Kingdom-based service and is the only pet courier service in the country which is run by a team of vets. As the team of professionals took charge in their hands, they made sure that the quality of the service is not compromised in any aspect and therefore made their way through our Top 10 list. The company is known to make international transits mostly. You should definitely consider this company if you want to travel abroad with your pet with ease.


Travel Abroad with Your Pet


2: Happy Tails Travel Inc

Arizona-based company is known for its service which has achieved a 100% safety record over its service period of 22 years. They have their camps all around the world and provide their services to many parts of not just the US but many more countries. They willingly take responsibility for your pet’s transportation from the customs clearance, getting documents ready, and all other formalities that need to be done from a span of moving him from your home till he reaches the destination.

3: Pets Oasis

This is a one-stop destination service provider for those who wish to make a move in or out of the United Arab Emirates. The company takes up responsibility from scratch, from door-to-door service to pick up and drop the pet, getting all the required documents ready including the license and IATA travel crates, booking an air ticking, etc.

4: Citizen Shipper

The company CitizenShipper is essentially a platform where you can choose the driver who will be carrying your shipment so in a way you get to choose your pet transporter. The company is known for providing the best and luxurious transportation service for pets and providing a door-to-door pickup and drop service. Your pet will live a lavish life till the time he is set to fly in his shining little house. They fly in the comforts of IATA kennels.


Travel Abroad with Your Pet


5: PetFlight Inc

This is a Canada-based company and has a record for providing the safest and injury-free service for pets for over 20 years now. They provide international traveling services to many countries like Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, UK, and South Africa. They work from the base location located in Toronto.

6: Animals Away

This company has a record of re-allocating over 50,000 animals across borders around the globe and therefore assures you that your pet is in an expert hand and will be taken care of nicely. Founded in 1992, the company was the first pet courier service provider to provide door-to-door service. The company has several base locations in the USA: New York, Seattle, Boston, and L.A.

7: Pet Carriers International

The company has base locations in many cities which include Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. They are known for making feasible transportations across Australia as well as to other countries.

8: Animal Travel Services

Known as the most experienced company providing pet courier service in South Africa, this company has a base location in Cape Town. They boast about providing the most compatible and quality services for all the corporate clients from getting all the documents ready to pet chauffeur services.


Picture1 6 travel abroad with your pet


9: AirAnimal

This is also a vet-founded company that was established in 1977 and is based in Florida. The company started the business from a small family affair and turned it into the most expensive pet courier service provider. They have expanded their networks with over 255 airlines around the world. They are known for maintaining high standards while making transportations.

10: Worldwide Animal Travel

This is a Canadian-based company and has its base locations located at British Columbia, Toronto, and Vancouver. They are known for providing the best travel with pet services even before getting the custom clearance and starting with official documentation. So try them when next you plan to travel abroad with your pet.


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