Hacks on How to Unclog Toilet When Nothing Works

How can we unclog the toilet when nothing works? This is a question we all have had to ask at some point. A clogged toilet can be a headache to anyone who experiences it because sometimes, it can be stubborn to unclog. Usually, the clogging of a toilet is caused by substances that go down or a plumbing default. Below are a few causes of clogging.

  • Some items were flushed and shouldn’t be flushed
  • Usage of a huge roll of tissue paper
  • Blockage of the toilet trap
  • Obstruction of the toilet vent
  • Clogging of your sewer line
  • Having an older model of a toilet with traditional plumbing.

Sometimes unclogging a toilet can be easy but in today’s article, we are going to discuss ways to unclog a toilet when nothing works.


1. Using a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner whether wet or dry is very effective in unclogging the toilet. If you have a powerful vacuum cleaner, even the better as it is more efficient. You will need to put on your plastic gloves and begin to suck water from the toilet bowl.

Once you have sucked all the water, take the hose pipe even deeper until you experience resistance. At that point, you will have reached the object preventing the toilet from flowing. Use the highest power of the vacuum cleaner to such the item then flush to see if the clogging stopped.

2. Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme cleaners work magic in unclogging the toilet. They are very effective in dissolving organic substances that cause clogging. However, you will need to use the enzyme cleaner generously when unclogging a toilet as they are meant for unclogging sinks.

There is also enzyme waste removal that is used in septic systems. They work well in unclogging toilets only if the clogging is caused by organic items or toilet paper.

3. Use your hand

This may sound gross but can’t be worse than a toilet bowl full of waste that can’t flow. If you can’t flush the toilet, you can put on your rubber gloves and dive into the toilet bowl with your hands. You might retrieve a toy that your child threw inside the bowl.


how to unclog toilet when nothing works


4. Using a wire hanger

Pick one coat hanger from your closet, loosen, and straighten it up. Use a sponge or piece of fabric to ensure it’s not causing scratches and damage to the bowl. This method will only work if the clogging item is not too deep.

Push the hanger into the drain and twist it to ensure it reaches different angles and points of the bowl. If you find resistance, continue pushing in the hanger until the water begins to flow. Flush the toilet to clear any further obstacles.

5. Use a plumbing snake

A plumbing snake also known as a “closet Auger” is a tool that almost every homestead has. However, it is not a crime should you not have one because you can purchase one in your nearest store. A plumbing snake is a very flexible wire that comes in handy while cleaning toilets.

The wire is well coated with rubber to protect the toilet bowl from damage and scratches. It is built in a way that can run deep into the drain. Push the plumbing snake down the drain until you experience resistance. Once you feel the object, push it even deeper until the tool moves without resistance and the water drains freely too.

6. Call a plumber

Sometimes to unclog the toilet when nothing works you will need assistance from a professional as the problem could be in the drain and pipes. The unclogging might be beyond you and that means no matter how much and hard you try you won’t hack it.

There are times you will flush the toilet and instead the water backs up in unexpected locations such as the shower and sink. This is a clear indication the problem is beyond you, and you need a plumber.


how to unclog toilet when nothing works


7. Using dish soap and hot water

Add a little dish soap into your toilet bowl, then add hot water. Make sure the water is just hot not boiling. Dish soap is known for doing magic in dissolving dirt, grease, and organic items. Repeat this process until you notice the water flowing with ease.



Whether you are experiencing a clogged toilet, or your friend asked you to assist them with their unclogging toilet, these are proven methods that you can use and help yourself out of that mess. These are methods you can use when nothing works.

Also, avoid flushing down items that shouldn’t be flushed in a toilet. This will to a greater extent help you avoid the shame and shock that comes with a bowl full of dirt and water that can’t flow.



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