How To Use SEO For Selling Your Home

There are certain tips, which should be used by local realtors and real estate agents. Search engine optimization for the real estate business is a rewarding job. Any SEO promotion takes time and money, and the result is far from always predictable. But with it’s always positive.

And if it is necessary to promote small, inexpensive goods, then often “the game is not worth it” – the assortment, prices, focus, the need may change. And by the time a page with a product or a group of such products gets into the cherished TOP10 search results. The result obtained simply ceases to be relevant.

And if the relevance remains, then the return on investment in SEO will take a long time. In the case of real estate, the situation is radically different. The likelihood that the promoted property will no longer be relevant at the time the site or its individual pages enter the TOP is extremely low.

Yes, real estate SEO itself is more expensive and often takes longer, but this game is definitely worth the candle. Especially when approached smartly and creatively. Next, let’s take a closer look at the standard SEO tools for real estate business in more detail.


How To Use SEO For Selling Your Home


The creation of a relevant semantic core

It is customary to start real estate SEO promotion of any site with a list of keywords. And their further distribution into relevant groups. This list in each specific case will be individual – it depends on the specifics of the real estate business. This is the site of a developer or real estate agency, focused only on selling, renting or investing in construction, as well as other nuances. The target region of buyers and the actual region of real estate. To get this information read this page.


How To Use SEO For Selling Your Home


  • Relevance

For real estate SEO, you only need to select relevant keywords. If setting up contextual advertising is permissible for broad keywords, near-themed keywords, and even for queries related to competitors, then you can optimize your site for search engines only for your relevant queries.

  • Grouping and distribution

Keywords must be allocated to the main sections of the site and, preferably, the main keys should be allocated to sections of the first nesting level. For example, such keys as “buy real estate, real estate for sale, real estate in the main target region” – lead to the main page, keys with the word “houses” – to a section of the site where you can select a house. And all keywords in seo for real estate websites that are related with rent – on the page with a choice of housing for rent. Following this logic, it is desirable to draw up a competent structure of the site at the time of its creation.

  • One page = 10 keywords

Moreover, all combined keywords must contain the main single-root word. For example, all the keys with the word “real estate” lead to their own page, and the keywords with the word “apartment” lead to another page. You cannot promote the keywords “buy an apartment, houses for sale and real estate under construction” on one page. Or it is possible, only effective SEO promotion of a real estate website, in this case, will not be.


How To Use SEO For Selling Your Home

  • Filter pages

If the site’s CMS allows you to create landing pages for real estate using different filters, prescribing your URLs, meta-tags and texts for them, then this must be used in seo for real estate. In this case, all narrow queries related to the number of rooms, bathrooms, footage, districts, cities, prices, etc. need to be categorized into separate, relevant landing pages.

  • Meta title tag

For each promoted page, you must write a unique title. At the same time, uniqueness is important both in relation to the site itself and in relation to the resources of the entire Internet space. To achieve the external uniqueness of the title meta tag, you can include the name of the company or site in it. The shortest and most concise version, of course.

  • Meta description tag

This meta-tag should not contain more than two sentences, and when compiling it, it is also advisable to adhere to the length recommended by each search network. Most often, it is the description that is the snippet of the site in the search results. You can insert the main concise USP of the company or a call to action into it, as well as not forget about the keywords. Remember, a beautiful and unique readable snippet with real estate guest posts will increase your click-through rate and stand out from the competition.

  • Meta tag keywords

Despite the fact that the keywords meta tag has not been taken into account by search engines for a long time, we recommend that you register it on each promoted page for yourself. So that it is convenient to work with the promotion of a real estate website, especially if different specialists are involved in this. Any copywriter, SEO-optimizer or outsourcing company that performs work on website promotion can look at the code of the required page of the website in the browser at any time and understand which queries are the main ones for it.

  • Placement of optimized text on promoted pages

Real estate websites must be authoritative, which means that empty sets of keywords, which are often placed in the form of hiding text on the pages of online stores, are unacceptable here. For each promoted page, it is necessary to prepare a high-quality unique structured text that will “like” not only search engines. But will also be interesting information for visitors.


How To Use SEO For Selling Your Home


Important technical points of SEO real estate website promotion

What is the best marketing strategy in 2022? Before starting external website optimization, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • The presence of a favicon is a small but rather important graphic element for every website, it is not only displayed in browsers next to the name of a real estate site. But is also used in many search engines on search results.
  • It is good if the domain name contains the main keyword in any of its manifestations, it is even better if this keyword is part of the name of the company itself. The domain zone should correspond to the main region of the website promotion, and not the actual location of the promoted property.
  • Registration of a website for real estate in the services of search engines. In order for the search engine to treat the promoted site with respect, it is highly desirable to register it in all relevant services and services of this search engine.

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