How To Write A Letter To A Loved One?

When you’re writing a letter to a loved one, you should always make it heartfelt and sincere. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to express your love to them, tell them how much you miss them, or simply express your concern and condolences.

You should always take the time to pinpoint your feelings and find the right words to describe them. Since this can at times be rather difficult, we are here to provide you with a few tips on how to write a letter to a loved one. 


Think About the Person

Before you start the writing process, you need to consider the person you’re writing to. Think about the purpose of the letter. If you feel like there’s no specific reason behind the sudden need to communicate with them, then it may simply be because you miss them. You have to identify the purpose of the letter, so you can effectively convey it through your writing. Otherwise, they won’t understand why you’re reaching out. 

When thinking about the intentions behind this letter, it’s important that you remain oriented toward expressing yourself, and not aim to get a certain outcome or reply out of them. For instance, if you’re writing to express your love, then your writing should communicate your emotions and explain how much you care about them.

If you just miss them, make sure to let them know that. Update them on all your recent experiences and ask to hear about theirs. Your goal shouldn’t be to get an “I love you,” or “I miss you” back. It should be to merely deliver your message and express your emotions as clearly and deeply as possible. 


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Grab a Pen and Put It on Paper

Writing someone a handwritten letter makes the entire experience all the more sincere. So, ditch the long text or email that you were going to send. From the moment that you trace the first letter onto the paper to the point where the recipient reads the last word, it’s all very meaningful and genuine.

So, your best bet is to take out your Waterman Hemisphere pen along with luxuriously designed writing papers and envelopes and get to work. Finding the right words can take a lot of time and effort. However, trust that it will pay off in the end. 

It helps to write up a draft first if you struggle with expressing your emotions. You need your letter to be as meaningful and truthful as possible, so take the time to explore how you really feel.

Always remember that if you’re heartfelt but not clear, the recipient may not respond the way you expect them to or even understand what it is that you’re trying to convey at all. Once you gather your thoughts and are confident about what you want to say, start writing the actual letter. Start by letting them know why you’re writing to them.


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Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid to tackle the subject and how you feel about it when you’re writing. For example, if you’re writing to apologize about something that you did, you may feel compelled to beat around the bush because you’re worried they may still be angry.

If you want to check up on them after someone has passed away, it can be hard to address the issue directly. However, it helps to share your full emotions with the recipient. Share your gratitude if you want to thank them, your regret and willingness to restore your relationship, your excitement to spend time with them, or your grief and condolences.

The letter doesn’t have to be serious from start to finish. You can write a funny anecdote or tell them about interesting things that happened recently to lighten up the mood. Always be sure that it’s something that you truly wish to share with them. 

Make It About Them

Even if you’re writing with the best intentions in mind, making the letter all about you can get the wrong message across. You don’t want to go on about your news, life, feelings, and updates. If you want to write about your feelings, then do it concisely and make sure to tie it back to them.

The letter should be about your recipient as much as it’s about you. Most importantly, don’t try to put a name to your recipient’s emotions, so avoid statements like “I know/ hope you feel…” This can invalidate their feelings and make them feel unimportant.


How To Write A Letter To A Loved One?


Writing a heartfelt letter for a loved one can be one of the most intimate and meaningful experiences. It can be hard to convey your emotions to the recipient while sticking to the purpose of the letter. Fortunately, these tips will help you write the most meaningful letter to your loved one.

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