How to Write a Real Estate Agent Resume

It is a well-known fact that real estate agents are licensed professionals who help individuals sell, rent, or buy homes or properties.

However, it’s one thing to get a license as a real estate agent, and another thing to get an opportunity to help buyers, renters, or sellers to strike a good deal. To achieve the latter, you must join a real estate agency.

Now, that’s where the problem lies — how do you convince a real estate agency that you are worth your weight in gold?

Well, you have to write an attention-grabbing resume that emphasizes why you are head and shoulders above other real estate agents out there.

According to experts’ comments, many agents struggle to create a compelling resume because they don’t know how to sell themselves via written words.

Although you may possess the ability to sell or rent homes or properties for (and to) people, you must also be able to sell yourself to agencies in need of your service using your resume.

But not to worry, that is the sole purpose of this post.

In this comprehensive guide, we will let you in on the potent tips you need to write an irresistible real estate agent resume that makes you stand out from the crowd.

If you are making your first resume or updating your resume, you will find every detail in this post useful.

Let’s get started.


How to Write a Real Estate Agent Resume


How to Effectively Create a Real Estate Agent Resume

Every recruiter desires to hire real estate agents with excellent salesmanship, meaning that you must be capable of striking good deals.

The truth is, you might be great at selling properties to people but fall short when it comes to selling yourself to hiring managers at these agencies. However, the good thing is, creating an irresistible resume — that sells you effortlessly — is not an impossibility.

We recognize the importance of a job-winning real estate agent resume. This is why we have put together these tips on how to write an outstanding real estate agent resume.

They include:

  •         Use a resume builder
  •         Choose an ideal resume format
  •         Include useful contact details
  •         Ensure your resume summary is impactful
  •         Emphasize your achievements or skills
  •         Highlight your education
  •         Include your certifications and license
  •         Introduce additional sections


How to Write a Real Estate Agent Resume

Use a resume builder

Do you want to create an effective and professional resume that portrays you as a smart and perfect fit for a vacant real estate agent role? Use a resume builder.

Resume builders like Resumebuilderpro, make job resume writing easy for every real estate agent. Here, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps and you are all set.

So, if you need help with creating the best real estate agent resume, a resume builder is your surest bet.

Choose an ideal format

This is the foundation of any successful resume. Getting your resume format right sets the tempo for effective resume writing.

There are three common resume formats, namely Chronological, Functional, and Combination resume formats.

The chronological format is the most popular of the three options and is best suited for seasoned or experienced professionals. This is because it allows you to emphasize your selling experience, work history, and real estate duties.

However, if you do not have years of experience to call on and desire a fair shot at getting the job, the combination resume format is your best bet. This format gives you room to highlight the relevant and transferable skills that make you the best of the bunch.

Here are some things you need to pay attention to regardless of the resume format you opt for:

  •         Resume Length: Ensure your resume length is between 1 to 2 pages — no more, no less.
  •         Font and Sizes: It’s advisable to use size 13 or 14 for section headers and 11 or 12 for the regular text.

Want your resume to look professional? Use fonts like Times New Roman or Arial.

  •         Resume Margin: Your resume margins should make your resume attractive and easy to read.
  •         Section Headers: Use headers to separate and identify each section in your resume.

Include useful contact details

Now that you know the best resume format to choose and how to effectively use a resume format, let’s move on to the ideal contact information to include in your resume.

Your contact details make it easy for hiring managers to reach you. For this reason, it has to be straight to the point and must contain:

  •         Your name and surname
  •         Your certification or license
  •         Your professional title
  •         Your email
  •         Your location

Furthermore, including your LinkedIn profile link (if you have one) can be an added advantage.


How to Write a Real Estate Agent Resume


Ensure your resume summary is impactful

The sole aim of any resume summary is to show hiring managers why you are the perfect fit for the job in a few words. Therefore, you must ensure it grabs their attention and gives a good impression.

Here’s how you can make your resume summary impactful:

  •         Ensure it is no more than three sentences
  •         List 1 or 2 of your decisive achievements (if you have any)
  •         Mention your standout or outstanding real estate agent skills

Emphasize your achievements or skills

If you are a veteran real estate agent, you should bring your accomplishments into the spotlight. This is your unique selling point. So, maximize it.

Here is what you should do:

  •         Show what you achieved under unfavorable circumstances.
  •         Use action words like “managed”, “achieved” and “led”. These words can make your little wins look like big wins on your resume.

However, if you a new to the game, focus on making your relevant or transferable skill the center of attraction.

Below are a few skills you can emphasize to catch the eye of any recruiter:

  •         Soft Skills
  1.       Communication
  2. Active listening

III.  Negotiation

  1. Interpersonal skills
  2. Patience
  3. Property management

VII.  Sales skills

VIII.   Organization

  1. Networking skills
  •         Hard skills
  1.       Cash flow
  2. Market analysis

III.  Digital technology

  1. Systems development
  2. Risk analysis
  3. Property Manager 5000 software

VII.  Title, Escrow, and Deed searches

VIII.  MLS database

Highlight your education

Your education section should be straightforward. Use bullet points to keep the detail short and sweet.

Here’s what you can include in this section:

  •         Your highest degree (include your university’s name, location, and the years spent)
  •         Your second advanced degree (if you have one)

Only mention your high school education if you don’t have any higher degree.

Include your certifications and license

The best way to show you are an authentic real estate agent is by including your certifications and license. This is an essential part of your resume. Do not neglect it.

Introduce additional sections

Once you have done all we have recommended above, you are good to go. Nonetheless, you can go further to introduce additional sections, such as your memberships, volunteer work, internships, languages, hobbies, and interests.


Final Words

Without a doubt, getting into a real estate agency can be a big ask, especially when your resume is not up to par.

However, if you apply this resume best practice we have shared with you in this post, you stand a better chance of getting accepted by a real estate agency.

Cheers to success in your job hunt.

We look forward to hearing your “zero to hero” story.

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