How Wall Artworks Can Enhance Home Decor?

People often forget about wall art while styling the interior. When you hear about interior design, the first thing that comes to your mind is furniture and textile, maybe a fancy lamp or vase. But let’s not treat artwork as an afterthought. If you do not use wall decor in your space, you miss lots of design opportunities.

Canvas art, especially, is able to revive the dwelling, make it more inviting and comfortable. Besides, what a pleasure to walk into an entrance or living room and notice a marvelous piece of art welcoming and warming your heart. Forget about cold and empty walls and get ready to give life to your home interior.


1. Types of Wall Art

Among all the artworks that are used for decor purposes, the following are the most popular:

  • Canvas art– This type includes lots of prints with different depictions, color combinations, and styles. Perfect choice to brighten a dwelling – effortlessly and on budget. You can choose from realistic oversized hanging to abstract or minimalist paintings that set a special mood. World map wall art is another popular theme to brighten your walls with.
  • Handmade decorative objects–  Beautiful wall decoration does not always equal expensive. With a bit of creativity and the help of DIY videos, you can make an amazing piece of art out of children’s painting, fabrics, or washi tape.
  • Balance-with-nature art– It could be any wall hanging that uses natural materials and textures – wood, clay, rock, and even metal. Go and explore the possible opportunities out there.


Need a New Sofa? Here are Some Buying Tips, How Wall Artworks Can Enhance Home Decor?


2. Where to Hang Living Room Artwork

Above the sofa, over a mantel, and simply on a bare wall – these are the top three places where you can put your new wall art. Follow these rules to arrange art like a pro:

  • Remember the two-thirds rules while placing decor above a sofa. If you decide to stick to one-panel decor, hang it on eye level. You can group photos in a gallery wall to create an eye-catching corner;
  • Lean your art on top of your mantel to create a casual and a bit relaxing atmosphere. Also, remember to leave from 4 to 12 inches of space between the bottom of the artwork and the top of the mantel. If you’d like to stick to more traditional means of placing artwork, you can hang it – classic solution;
  • Look at your living room and you will probably find a bare wall that desperately needs some bright colors. Cover it with something that warms up your heart and lifts the spirit. Map decor could be the lacking thing that refreshes your interior. The depiction of the whole world looks nice and makes you think of new travels and exploration. Broaden your mind.


How Wall Artworks Can Enhance Home Decor?


3. Creating a Photo Wall or Grid

Wall hanging and specially grouped art brings a sense of completion, add a finishing touch. Try the following algorithm to create your own photo wall that creates a focal point and provides an instant color palette:

  • Choose the pics you want to hang and make a plan: place them on the floor and arrange them until you like the outcome.
  • Pick an anchoring piece and place it in the center of the group, arrange the rest to your liking;
  • Finally, place it all together on a wall but remember to leave some space between art. Such an effect can make the whole composition look lighter. Besides, hanging art in an organized order or grid guarantees visual aesthetics and a sense of cleanliness.
  • No matter what type of wall decor you’ll choose and where you put it, most importantly for you to like it. Do not lose the hidden potential of artworks. Art can inspire you to grow and develop your sense of style. Learn how to use it wisely and impress your guests and family members with unusual and breathtaking pieces hanging on the wall. Bet you are already planning on what to choose and where to hang it.


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