HVAC 101: 5 Tips for Preventing AC Leaks

When you least expect it, your AC unit can give you issues. One of the most common AC issues you may experience is an AC leak.

AC leaks can wreak damage to your HVAC unit if not repaired. Experts state you need to repair AC leaks within 30 days of the date discovered.

To avoid issues with your AC, it’s best to be proactive. You need to learn how to prevent AC leaks. Read on to learn five great tips that can help you prevent them.


1. Check for Condensate Backup

If you notice that the air isn’t coming out right, check for condensate backup. A clog in the drain can cause condensate backup. In turn, it can lead to the overflow of condensate.

Check your utility bill. Did the bill go up by a lot? The increase could be due to an AC leak.

2. Keep Your Dogs Away

If you have dogs, keep them away from the outdoor AC unit. Why do this, you ask? It has to do with their urine.

A dog’s urine is high in acid. This makes it corrosive. If your dog urinates on the unit, your AC might get damaged.

If urine lands on the AC’s refrigerant coils, it can spell bad news. These coils are susceptible to acidic corrosion. You can clean the refrigerant coils to prevent further damage.

If you have trouble keeping your dogs from going out, you can put fencing around the AC unit. Don’t enclose the unit with anything that can damage it.

3. Evenly Mount the Drip Pan

The drip pan needs to be mounted in the right location. Mount it evenly to avoid spillage and condensate backup issues.

Do replace the drip pan every 10 years. If your HVAC system fails to drain properly, you’ll need to replace the drip pan sooner.

4. Spray Sealants

It’s a good idea to have AC sealants on hand. These products are great for sealing leaks. They can also help to prevent future leaks.

Check the drain line to see if it needs coating. Use the sealant to coat this part of the AC.

Make sure to buy an AC sealant that’s compatible with your AC unit. It’s important you check for compatibility before spraying.

5. Yearly HVAC System Maintenance

One of the best ways to prevent AC leaks is by scheduling annual maintenance. A technician can catch a small leak before it gets out of hand.

Remember, if a leaking AC doesn’t get repaired, it can cause significant damage. The repairs can get expensive. They can cost an arm and leg so save yourself the trouble.


How To Prevent AC Leaks

You don’t want to experience an AC leak. The good news is that there are ways to prevent AC leaks. Consider these five tips to help you keep your AC unit working like brand new.

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