Important Advice You Need Before Selling Your House

When it’s time to sell your home, there is plenty to think about. How much is your house worth? Where should you market it? Is the house ready for viewings? When it’s time to sell your home, there is plenty to think about. How much is your house worth? Where should you market it? Is the house ready for viewings? How do I sell my house fast? These are just some of the hundreds of questions and thoughts that will be whirling around the head of someone starting to plan a home sale.

If you’re ready to move on, whether you’ve found somewhere new to live or not, it’s time to get your home ready for viewings and put yourself in the best position to make a sale.

In this article, you’ll find loads of important advice for doing these things, and a variety of sales tactics to employ. Read on for all the important advice you need before selling your house.


Important Advice You Need Before Selling Your House


Sell Quicker For Cash

If you require a quick sale, there are a couple of options available for making a cash sale. Cash sales are beneficial to those who need to sell their home quickly as there is no need to wait for mortgage approvals or other financial deals to be struck. These processes take between 5-8 weeks to complete on average, meaning you can be waiting a long time for a sale going down traditional methods. You may get a slightly lower offer than when selling traditionally, but you can certainly make a sale much faster. 

In almost every city in the country, you will find big companies who are looking to buy homes for cash and buy them quickly. Search for companies that buy houses fast in Phoenix, or wherever you live, and watch the results come in! These companies are ready with cash to buy houses in a matter of moments.

By assessing your home online or having a quick check-in person, they will offer you a deal and be ready to buy right away. If you require a fast sale, there is simply no easier way!

You can also find cash buyers in the form of individual investors or developers. Often, these are people looking to renovate and flip houses quickly for a profit. Other times, they are looking for properties to build a rental portfolio.

These investors will often be quick at noticing new homes go on the market, but, if you don’t hear from any of them, you can always search listing websites for landlords or developers who are on the hunt for new properties and reach out to them directly.

Important Advice You Need Before Selling Your House


Make Your Home Look Incredible

To sell your home, it needs to look great. Poorly furnished, dilapidated-looking homes will only attract offers at far below their fair market price. To avoid losing money down to the current state of your home, take a look at these tips below:

  • Declutter

Firstly, declutter your home. If you are unable to throw things out, find a local storage company that you can use for your stuff instead. This way, you can clear your house of any cluttered items, making it look much larger. A buyer sees what they want to see, and if that’s rooms filled with junk, they aren’t going to be thrilled with the idea of a purchase.

  • Redecorate

Next, take a look at your home’s decor. Is it outdated, aged, or tired? If so, do a quick, simple redecoration. Go plain, with magnolia or white walls throughout, as buyers much prefer to see a blank canvas than an uphill redecorating struggle.


Important Advice You Need Before Selling Your House


  • Let The Light In

Homes with lots of natural light are far easier to sell than those that feel dark and dingy. If you’ve got drapes, blinds, or shutters, make sure they are left open for any viewings or photography. This helps the rooms look lighter, airier, and seem more spacious. 

  • Depersonalize

When buyers view homes, they often spend their time imagining what it would look like if they were living there. To help them visualize their future in your home – and encourage them to buy it – try and remove as many personal touches as you can. Too many family photos and super personal items could be off-putting to a buyer looking for their forever family home.

  • Get Professional Photography

When you have followed all of the steps above, it’s time to take some great photos of your home. Better-performing listings tend to have better photos. It’s essential to get a professional photographer involved at this point, as their use of light and angles will help your home look incredible online.

  • Virtual Tours

Finally, you may want to consider a virtual tour. For this, a videographer will come to your home and film a walkthrough, allowing people to do quick, virtual tours online. These virtual tours encourage more people to view the house once interested.


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Get an Independent Valuation

If you’re selling your home, you are probably hoping for a nice profit. Don’t let your judgment of the building’s value cloud your judgment. Instead, ask an independent valuer to come to visit your home. They will give you a fair market value based on the home’s condition, space, size, and location. This allows you to market your home at a value you know is fair, no matter what a buyer or realtor tells you. 

Find a Great Realtor

Finally, if you’re not selling for cash or direct to an investor, you’ll need a great realtor. You want to look for a local realtor with plenty of experience selling homes in your region. Often, it is best to seek a realtor based on the recommendation of a friend or family member, as they can give an honest review of how the realtor works, how successful they are, and what they are like to work with.

A great realtor will get your house listed in days, while hopefully arranging viewings very quickly. Remember, realtors work on commission, so expect to lose 4-8% of your final value to your agent.

Following this advice should help you get your home ready for a quick and high-value sale. Make sure it looks and feels amazing while seeking the right people to help you sell it. Hopefully, you can sell your house in no time, making a tidy profit in the process!


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