Important Questions about Wasps You Should Know the Answers to

Almost everyone is familiar with these buzzing stingers. They help to pollinate the plants and improve the beauty of the lawn, but there’s a flipside associated with them. They can turn any outdoor BBQ session or a pool party into a nightmare. This is why it is common for people to hire the best services for wasp control in Surrey, BC to get rid of these creatures. Discussed in this post are some important questions about wasps everyone should know answers to. Have a look at them:


Important Questions about Wasps You Should Know the Answers to


How are the wasps different from bees?

Many people confuse wasps and bees. However, they are two completely different types of pests. Wasps have a relatively long and smooth body as compared to bees. Also, they have slender legs. Their mid and rear section are somewhat separate. Furthermore, they don’t have the kind of fuzzy appearance that a bee has.

Another way they are different than bees is that they are more aggressive in nature.  When compared to bees, wasps are more dangerous because of their aggressive nature. This is due to the fact that wasps are predatory insects. They can sting multiple times. On the other hand, bees can’t do this as they lose their ability to sting once it has already done it.

How dangerous are wasps?

Wasps are venomous and their sting requires urgent medical care. A single sting by a wasp can result in a severe reaction. However, if you have made the mistake of upsetting a nest can, the result could be life-threatening.

What is the peak time of wasps?

Wasps are seasonal pests. They are comparatively more active during the warmer months. Therefore, expect them to find them roaming in your yard or around the swimming pool during the months from June to September.

Also, be mindful that they are most aggressive during the early autumn. This is due to the fact that they prepare themselves for hibernation prior to the freezing temperature arrives.

What should I do if I have come across a wasp nest?

Always remember that you shouldn’t do anything that can disturb the nest. The results, as stated earlier, can prove to be fatal for your health. It should be taken care of by the professional. Thus, immediately contact a company that specializes in pest control services. Not doing so can lead to dire circumstances. A single wrong move, intentionally or unintentionally, can prove the stingers and thousands of wasps can come into the attack mode.

Limit your outdoor activities until the company hasn’t shown up. If there’s a requirement to go outdoors, ensure you are not wearing colors such as yellow and white. They attract wasps. Moreover, wear shoes at all times. Even if you have mistakenly stepped on a wasp, they will sting you. Wearing shoes can prevent the impact of a sting.

How do professionals remove a wasp nest?

Professional wasp exterminators employ different techniques and methods to get rid of a wasp nest in a safe manner. One of the most common methods is spraying potent dust into the nest. It coats and kills them.

This process isn’t an easy one to accomplish. It can take hours, depending on the size of the nest. Generally, it is completed in one session. However, there are chances that a follow-up treatment may be required to eliminate any wasps that have survived the initial extermination.

How to keep wasps away?

Wasp extermination definitely gets rid of the pests. However, it doesn’t guarantee they won’t return in the future. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to follow preventive wasp control measures. You can do so by following the tips given below:

  • If you are planning to host a BBQ, keep the meat covered.
  • When dining outdoors, don’t serve food beforehand. Wait for the time when everyone’s ready to eat, then serve it.
  • Keep your garbage sealed tight.
  • Follow the same practice for compost bins.

Always remember that infestation always starts with an occasional stinger. Therefore, keep an eye on signs of the nest on outdoors or any area of your home that’s not frequently used.

All in all, do as much as you can to avoid wasps lingering around your property. It may sound like a broken record but don’t follow any DIY practice to get rid of them. There are some things that are meant to be done by professionals and wasp extermination is one of them.


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