Important Things That You Need to Do Before Actually Selling Your Home

According to the latest available annual cost-vs-value report, some home renovations can deliver a 93.8% ROI when selling your home. The trouble is that most of these refurbishments come with a considerable outlay of cash and time.

Yet, there are some ways to get your home ready for sale without spending a fortune doing so. A smart homeowner can still do much to increase their home’s appearance and curb appeal without all this stress.

Keep reading to find out what they are.


Declutter Your Spaces

A messy home has very limited appeal, whether you’re selling it or not. Go through your home carefully and get rid of any items you aren’t using anymore.

You can donate those things that are still in good condition and arrange to recycle the rest as far as possible.

Don’t overlook your shelves and display cabinets, and take care to arrange these visually-impactful areas neatly. Make sure they’re not jam-packed with too many mementos, ornaments, or crockery.

Remember to go through your pantry and closets and straighten them up too.

If you have heirloom pieces that you don’t want to discard, get in contact with professional movers to arrange for storage of these items while you’re in limbo between two homes.


Important Things That You Need to Do Before Actually Selling Your Home

Hire a Home Inspector

Potential buyers will likely arrange a home inspection if they’re serious about buying your house. It pays to hire the best home inspector before you start sprucing up your home for sale, though.

They might reveal some home repairs that you must do before you can sell your home. You must attend to these deal-breakers before you spend time and money on anything else.

The last thing you need is a bill for essential and costly home repairs after you’ve spent time and money on other less important things.

Clean From Top to Bottom

Spiderwebs, dust, and scuffs can detract immensely from your home’s appeal.

While you’re in the process of decluttering, pay close attention to these aspects. There’s a good chance you’ve overlooked these small issues all along.

One area that often escapes scrutiny is your light switch covers and cupboard handles. These areas are in heavy use, and they’re almost guaranteed to have smears of grime on them.

Clean your windows until they’re free of smudges and smears, and scrub your bathroom tiles until they look like new. If necessary, arrange to have your carpets deep cleaned.

A thorough cleaning won’t only make your home look a whole lot better, it will make it smell fresh and inviting, too.

As you clean, you’re bound to notice some chips, watermarks, and peeling paint, too.


7 Habits To Keep Your House Clean, Important Things That You Need to Do Before Actually Selling Your Home


Grab a Paintbrush

A fresh coat of paint is one of the best things you can do for your home. Yet, it’s impossible to predict what color potential buyers will prefer.

If you’re going to get your home painted, always opt for a neutral shade that’s unlikely to offend anyone or clash with their furnishings.

Do you prefer to play it safe? You can still touch up any flaking, peeling areas, and refresh small areas of paint like your door frames, and trim.

Work on Creating a Good First Impression

Your home’s curb appeal counts for a lot when you’re showing your home. Weed your garden, move the lawn and trim the edges of your flower beds.

Container plants are a quick way to add color and instant appeal to your garden. Take a look at your porch, does it need a coat of paint or a few misplaced nails repaired?

Comfy seating, potted plants, and a welcome mat can help create a homely impression on your porch, too.

The entrance to your home is a favorite spot for dumping keys, coats, and shoes. Tidy it up by installing a closet for these items, or hang them up in an orderly fashion.

Make sure you give your lawn a once-over with the lawnmower a day or two before you show your home, too.


modern grey house garden landscape Selling Your Home


Staging Tips When Selling Your Home 

Remember, your home is set up for your convenience and comfort. Your style might not appeal to everyone.

Rearrange your furniture so that it falls more in line with what makes sense to other people. You can search online for inspiration when arranging your living room furniture.

It’s a good idea to update your light fixtures in line with modern trends and replace any malfunctioning lightbulbs in the process. Lighting is relatively affordable considering the impact it can have.

Home stagers suggest leaving a light or lamp on in each room, to create a homely feel when people view your home.

If you have ceiling fans, leave them rotating gently when you open your home to viewers. A cool environment creates positive associations in their minds.

Just before your potential buyers arrive, check your bathrooms? Are the toilets clean and flushed, are the towels straight? Wipe down your sinks and mirrors, so they’re spotless, and pack away any stray toothbrushes and cosmetics.


bright cozy house interior design ideas idi 219078 Selling Your Home


Are These Repairs Essential?

What if these quick fixes aren’t enough for your home to create a good impression. No amount of cleaning and tidying can make up for a leaky roof, or damaged flooring.

Although some home repairs yield a high ROI, you won’t get all your money back on any of them. It’s easy to see how major expenses like a roof replacement can eat into the money you receive for your home.

Yet, if you decide to sell your home as-is, you’ll get less money for it.

Either way, you’re stuck juggling the details surrounding expenses versus returns. View here for more information on the pros and cons of selling your home as-is.

Keeping Your Home in Great Shape

Even if you aren’t considering selling your home just yet, these ideas can add value and comfort to your space. So, it’s a good idea to engage in ongoing touch-ups and improvements to avoid major expenses if you do decide to sell it.

Not sure where to start? Browse my blog for more information on all types of home repairs, as well as inspiration for decorating every room in your home.

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