Important Things to Remember While Renovating Your Home

There’s little in life that is as stressful as renovating your home. You need to take lots of different things into consideration so that your home’s renovation is as seamless as possible. In addition to planning ahead, you also need to contend with your family, who will be in and out of your home and may interfere with the project.

Planning ahead and preparing for your home’s renovation will help you to avoid any problems or delays. This article will tell you what you need to plan ahead for, and how to prepare:


Important Things to Remember While Renovating Your Home


Staying Elsewhere

One thing that you need to think about is whether your family [and you] will be staying in the property while it’s being renovated. If you are undertaking structural or large renovations, then you may all have to stay elsewhere.

For smaller renovations, it is entirely up to you. If you will be having contractors in, then it’s usually best to stay elsewhere so that you don’t disturb them. The faster the contractors can work, the faster your home renovation will be complete. Family members idly hanging around the house can disturb the project and delay it.

Building Survey

When you are having renovations done to your home, it’s important that you get a building survey from a chartered surveyor. A survey will highlight any issues that need to be considered by the renovation team, such as structural problems, problems with your property’s roof, or leaks and dampness.

It will also give you an opportunity to amend any issues with your house while you have contractors in. Surveys seldom cost a lot and can be very useful. A surveyor will also highlight any additional surveys that you might need to have undertaken. They may also be able to recommend contractors to you if you are struggling to find some.

Additional Renovations

Before your home’s renovation project gets underway, it’s worth considering additional renovations, like those we mentioned previously. If during your home’s survey, the surveyor identifies any problems, then it’s best to have them fixed while you have builders hanging around.

You might also want to improve your home by adding Celotex insulation boards, double-glazing, and underfloor heating. Most new properties already have these things, but if yours is old then you might not. It will be much cheaper to have renovated all at once, instead of staggering repairs and upgrades.


Important Things to Remember While Renovating Your Home


Budget for the Unexpected

In the course of your home’s renovation, there’s a lot that could go wrong. Experts recommend budgeting a little extra, just in case any problems arise. While problems are unlikely if you hire an expert team of contractors, they can happen.

The best way to minimize the chances of problems occurring is to hire the best team of contractors around, who specialize in the renovations that you want to have undertaken. You should try to budget 10-20% more than your existing renovation budget so that you can sort things out immediately if problems do occur.

Schedule of Works

It’s very important that you meticulously arrange every detail of your home’s renovation. Before the project begins, sit down and have a meeting with the project’s foreman. In this meeting, draw up a schedule of works. This will give you a rough idea of how long the project will take to complete, and how long each task will take.

The renovation project can become very chaotic, so by drawing up a schedule of works, you give yourself [and the contractors] peace of mind. Check-in from time to time and make sure that the project is coming along as planned.

Structural Engineers

If your home’s renovation project involves any structural changes, then make sure to hire a structural engineer. Unscrupulous cowboy builders will insist that you don’t need to in order to extort money from you, but structural engineers are absolutely necessary.

If the contractors try to tell you that you don’t need an engineer for structural changes, then it’s advisable to fire them and find another team to complete the project for you. Structural engineers can advise you on how to properly adjust and make changes to your home’s structure without damaging it and causing issues.


Important Things to Remember While Renovating Your Home


Building Permits

You need to make sure that you apply for a building permit for your project. With that said, not all renovations and changes actually require a building permit. You can find out more on your local government website or with your local homeowner’s association. In most cases, it’s always worth consulting your local homeowner’s association anyway.

This is because they can recommend contractors, and may even be able to save you a lot of money. It’s also the neighbourly thing to do. You don’t want to make any renovations to your house that will negatively impact those who live around you.


Most contractors will offer a warranty. If the ones that you’re dealing with don’t then it’s advisable to find another contractor to help you. A warranty ensures that if, after the project is completed, your home falls apart, that you will be financially compensated, or at the very least that the contractors will return and repair the damages.

Warranties are a must-have. Don’t be talked into signing any contracts that don’t include a warranty. You can find out about warranties by contacting the contractors directly and asking them if they offer one.

Notifying Neighbours

If you live in a built-up area, then it is important to go and tell your neighbors individually that you will be making repairs. It’s important to tell your neighbors, so they can plan around your renovations. Renovations can be very loud, especially if you are making any structural changes.

Your neighborhood will also be a lot busier, with contractors coming and going. The best way to notify your neighbors of any renovations is to simply go door to door, knocking on each one and telling them when you plan to renovate your home. Make sure to let them know that it may be noisy so that they can’t complain later.

Renovating your home can be a great way to increase its market value, and to make it a nicer place to live. Follow this article’s guidance and adequately prepare for your home’s renovation, and your project should go off without a hitch.

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