Important Things You Should Do Before Moving Out Of A Rented Property

There are a few things that you need to do before moving out of your rented property. The last thing you want is for the landlord to show up and find a disaster area. This blog post will outline the important things that you should do before moving out of any rental property, with advice on how to make sure it goes smoothly.


Clean the property thoroughly before you leave

First, before you pack up and move out of your rented property, make sure that the apartment is spotless. You don’t want to ruin someone else’s living space before they get it.

If there are items in the rental unit when you move out that are not yours, be sure to let the landlord know if they were damaged when you moved in. Whether it’s for furniture or appliances, once they were damaged by neglect before you moved in, the landlord will need proof of that before reimbursing any balance on your rent or security deposit.

The day before moving out, set up an appointment with a cleaning service around your area to come in before your rental unit is due for inspection. If you’re in London, find out how much will end of tenancy cleaning cost in London will set you back. A cleaning service will be able to give your apartment a deep clean before your landlord shows up and assesses the property’s condition.


jklkl Moving Out Of A Rented Property


Secure essential papers

Make sure to save your personal documents before moving out of the rental. This includes copies or scanned versions of IDs and other important papers that you may need for future identification purposes. These could be utility bills in your name with a current address, recent tax returns (keep these on an external hard drive), etc. These are critical items and if they are lost before or after you move, they could be difficult to replace.

You may also want to include copies of your landlord’s contact information before moving out in case there are any billing questions or other maintenance items that need attention.

If possible, ensure the rental unit is empty before you leave

Moving out of a rented property before the lease is up can sometimes be difficult, especially if your landlord lives abroad or you have already given notice.

If possible, it’s best to try and leave an empty space before moving on so that there are no “surprises” for future tenants. If this isn’t feasible, make sure to get as much of your stuff out before they show up.

If you have any items that can’t be moved, like a couch or bed, and the landlord is not local, it may be best to get those items covered by an insurance policy before moving day. If something happens to them while they are still inside the apartment during storage before pickup, you can be compensated.


Important Things You Should Do Before Moving Out Of A Rented Property


Get your security deposit if there are no damages

Your security deposit was paid when you moved in, in case you caused damage to the rented property. If this did not occur while you lived there, it should be returned to you at the end of your lease term.

If there was damage done after you moved out, and before the new tenant moves in, you are not responsible and a landlord cannot deduct these expenses from your security deposit. This is why it’s important to take pictures of the apartment before you leave, so you can show them to the landlord in the event that there is a query.

Make sure that all utilities are turned off

In the event that there is a utility not included in your rent before you leave, make sure to contact it beforehand about turning it off.

This will help prevent water leaks and gas explosions from occurring between the time you leave and the new tenant arrives. It will also prevent the company from continuing to charge you for service at a property where you no longer live.


Important Things You Should Do Before Moving Out Of A Rented Property


Return any furniture or appliances that were rented

If the rental unit was furnished by your landlord and there are furniture or appliances that were rented before moving in (like a refrigerator), be sure to return these items before leaving. If not, the landlord may charge extra for their loss.

Pay off any outstanding rent balance owed on time

This is so there will be no late fee charged to you as a penalty. Before moving, make sure to pay any outstanding rent balance you owe before the end of your lease. If late fees are charged on a rental property before it is vacated, these will be applied against the security deposit and the remainder may not cover all of what has been damaged.

You’re on your way to a new place, and you want to make sure that everything is taken care of before you leave. There are some things that will need special attention when it comes time for the move-out inspection, such as cleaning the property and making sure all business with the landlord is settled.


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