Insulated Glass Windows – Fails, Remedies, and Maintenance Prevention

The lure of decorating the home and making everything look picture perfect is one reason people experiment with a lot of new things available in the market. Out of all the home improvement trends, there is one hotshot called insulated glass windows.

These window types have become the all-be and end-all of most home decor specialists as it contains many benefits. Before landing upon the other factors associated with it, let’s surf through its literal meaning.


What is an insulated glass window or unit?

Insulated glass is a blend of two or more types of glass panes that are spaced and sealed to look like a single glass unit. Due to this reason, many professionals may refer to this as a double glazing window. This window type is designed to reduce the overall heat loss and solar heat gain, reducing the amount of light transmittance into the building or floor.

All these factors make insulated glass windows a great source of enhancing thermal performance while reducing overall energy consumption expenses. Plus, these windows can be fabricated to meet all the sound control needs, bullet resistance, seismic needs, blast resistance, and much more.

There are times when insulated glass windows are made available for different aesthetic and performance requirements by attaching a laminated glass product, low-E coating, and silk-screened pattern to it.

Some most common perks of having insulated glass windows installed at your residence or office are –

  1. It reduces the overall amount of noise
  2. Reduces the heat loss
  3. Adds to saving energy
  4. Reduces glare
  5. Accelerates security
  6. Reduces condensation and chances of fading

This glass type proves ideal to preserve more and more heat in the room during the winter season. As far as the summer season is concerned, one can use it with solar control glasses adding to the heat retention process.


insulated glass windows


What is the central issue seen with insulated glass windows?

The only concern about an insulated glass window is its failing window seals which may irritate you with time. But luckily, this can be fixed in no time. All you need to do is analyze the symptoms of the failed window seals, and you are halfway there.

These multiple-pane glasses develop fogginess which can be wiped from any side of the glass window. The primary cause of failure is the sharp and hard-to-reach edge seals that preserve the glass. This is a common problem encountered with all sizes of insulated glass windows. Here most people consider going for glass replacement which requires associating with its experts. But before you make your mind for the same, wait and understand the entire anatomy of a thermal window in detail.

Thermal windows and their anatomy explained –

Most thermal windows come with two, three, or more panes of glass having ample open space between them. The leftover space between two panes of glass is often emptied of air, creating fogginess and moisture within them. This happens due to a minor or major loophole in the installation or maintenance process. Once the glass loses its insulating value, it depreciates the energy-saving and aesthetic value of the window. In such cases, experts recommend going for an entire glass replacement as soon as possible. Here, if the seal preserves the edges, the chances of glass obtaining sudden cracks in the middle is common.

Some common remedies to deal with the failed window seals –

‘Can we repair the failed window seals?’ This is a common question of most people having an insulated glass window at their premises. Well, the good news is that yes there are good chances of repairing or replacing the windows as per the requirements. But you need to follow a plan of action to make it a success, and it includes –


Step 1 – Check the warranty 

Most premature window seal issues are referred to as defective products or poor-quality glass. For this, the window manufacturer may provide you partial or full replacement value. This depends on the service provider or manufacturer chosen. Therefore, check the warranty period and other terms of the glass first.

Step 2 – Work on the fog issues

If your insulated glass is not protected under any warranty period, relax; there are many other options available for you. First of all, join hands with a defogging service provider who may help you make your windows more aesthetically valuable and good-looking by resorting to its sealed space.

Here, the professionals do not remove or replace the windows but work through the drills to bring them to the correct position. The drilling process is to expel the excessive amount of moisture packed in between two panes of glass. Later on, the professionals apply an anti-fog solution in the bottom of the insulated glass windows to seal it properly. It is a liquid sealant which ten folds the defogging ability between the glasses for a longer time.

This process does not restore the overall insulation value of the window and works on the defogging elements. One can enhance its impact for a long time with proper maintenance. You may find several online DIY guides making you get your hands on the process but make sure to hire professionals to avoid any damage.

Step 3 – Replace the Insulated glass within the existing frame

You can replace or repair the window within the frame only when the insulated glass window seal will fail. This is the reason most glass replacement companies replace the insulated glass units within the edges. The detailed process of replacing the window within the structure may vary based on the already set up and window installation type. For instance – some windows are fixed using screws, whereas others have removable glue sticking around the edges.

Above all, remember it’s a professional job requiring a set of commercial tools to accomplish the task. Therefore, avoid making it your next DIY project.


The bottom line is that,

When it comes to installing anything at your premises, people often look upon something reliable and inexpensive. All an insulated glass window proves a progressive decision on all such aspects. Moreover, you can quickly get its repair and maintenance services at reasonable rates.

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