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Interesting Decorating Tips for Lake Houses

After going through several lake houses for sale, you have finally found your dream house and are ready to decorate. However, you can find so many ideas online that choosing one feels overwhelming. There is no need to worry as decorating a lake house is all about the appeal. From natural materials, floor-to-ceiling windows, and rustic furniture, these are a few of the elements you need to keep in mind. To help you out, here are a few decorating tips for lake houses.


Display Shades of Blue

If there is a color that blends well with a house in the water, it is blue. Go through Lake Travis waterfront homes for sale, and you will realize it is one of the dominant colors incorporated in a lot of home décor pieces. Adding some shades of blue to your interior designs brings out a nautical feel.

Look for various décor items like lanterns, vases, or glass balls in different shades of blue. It gives items that generally one would not use for a lake house, that nautical feel. Try and keep the rest of the color palette neutral, allowing the blue to stand out in your space.


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Consider Your Textures

Textures add character to a room, making it more interesting. Research textured items you can add to your space that blend well with your theme. This includes cozy blankets and soft pillow covers.

These items add comfort to your home, making them functional, and they still add some texture, hence ideal décor items. Sisal or jute area rugs are great at giving your floor a rough texture while providing some warmth and comfort to your feet. Smooth textiles balance the room if you have something like wooden furniture.


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Focus on Indoor-Outdoor Living

A lake house is never complete without a beautiful indoor-outdoor space. You have a great view and so make use of it. This is necessary, especially for people who like entertaining guests. Your indoor-outdoor spaces include porches, decks, patios, and sunrooms. These are additional living spaces that help you embrace nature.

Make a seamless transition from the inside to the outside using sliding floor-to-ceiling windows and consistent flooring to give it a unified look. You should also ensure there is adequate coverage for the days when the weather will not be so pleasant.


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Embrace modern Designs

One of the things you will notice when looking at lake McQueeney homes for sale is that you do not have to strictly limit yourself to a nautical design when decorating your lake house. You can keep things modern using sleek and slim furniture while embracing light-inspired colors like grays and blues for a lakeside feel.


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Go With Stripes

Consider decorating with stripes as they go well with lakeside homes. The patterns are easy, and they do not overwhelm a house. Opt for colors like blue or navy blue as they bring a nautical feel.

Decorating a lake house is not a challenging task. You can choose to work with an interior designer or research ideas online and select what works for you.

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