Interior Design on a Budget

Last updated on January 3rd, 2022

Incorporating natural textures and antique details is a popular way to create an authentic, home-like feel for a new interior design project. Rustic interior designs can work with any room of your home, whether it is modern or a feature filled traditional style.

Bare, natural wood is a popular material choice and feature, as it has a raw and organic feel in any room; particularly in the living room.

When starting an interior design project, designers take into account the overall flow of space and the desired style. The layout of a space generates different kinds of ideas and possibilities. Whether you are looking for a general design style, or a stand-out feature wall, establishing the layout of a room is usually the first step in any interior design project.

Modern interior design is popular today and incorporates the latest trends in home decor. This style typically emphasizes a minimalist finish with clean lines, simple colors, and metal, glass or steel as key materials. To get the best results from your interior design project, it needs to work with your own preferences, likes, and style.

Choose a design style that fits your personality. And remember to always be comfortable with the look and feel of your home. It is important to get this initial planning stage right, to avoid further work in the future. It’s worth looking at completed projects for inspiration and gathering as many samples and color swatches as possible.


Interior Design on a Budget


Considering Design Budget

Budget is a big factor in any interior design project. While it is not uncommon for a design project to run over budget, it’s worth planning and working towards a set final cost.

Many of the material and furniture choices used will have a big impact on the final cost. Consider using reclaimed materials such as wood or metal, where possible. This can reduce cost enormously, while still giving the desired effect of natural and authentic materials.

Having bare brick walls in both kitchens and living rooms is becoming a popular choice. While bare brick walls can create a lovely homely feel, it can often be an expensive and time-consuming task to strip walls back to their bare state.


Interior Design on a Budget
(Image credit: Gillian Jackson)


Often brick walls will need repair to give a finished look. An alternative to this is to use brick slips. Brick slips are thin slices of bricks, applied as tiles; often known as brick tiles. This solution gives a realistic effect of a full brick wall, without a huge expense.

Aside from considering materials in budgeting for interior design, it’s also worth deciding in advance whether you will be doing the design work yourself, or employing a professional company, or companies. Often, when it comes to the bulk of decorating, it is worth the investment of an experienced painter and decorator.

This will ensure the final finish is as close to perfect as possible. It can be challenging to get a flawless finish if you are not experienced in decorating interior spaces.

In conclusion, spend the time researching materials, costs, and whether hiring help would be beneficial for your interior design project. Many expensive-looking designs, both modern and traditional, can be completed on a reasonable budget with the right planning.

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