Is the Grass Greener on Your Neighbor’s Side of the Fence? 7 Things You Can Try

It’s hard not to be a little envious of a neighbor when their lawn always looks perfect. Homeowners worried about the state of their lawn, or who are concerned the grass just isn’t as green as they’d like, do have numerous options to fix the problems with their yards and get the perfectly manicured lawn they may want. Some of the things homeowners can try include the following.


Use the Right Fertilizer

The right fertilizer for the yard makes a huge difference. Fertilizers provide food for the grass and can help it grow thicker, greener, and healthier. Today, more homeowners are opting for organic lawn care to avoid using chemicals in their yard. Once the right fertilizer has been purchased, it’s important to learn when to use it and how much to apply.

Mow More Frequently

When grass grows tall, the seeds at the top of the blades can cause the grass to look a little lighter. The key is to mow a little more frequently. Mowing more often helps keep the grass at the right height so it can get more sun helps to make sure the grass is an even height throughout the yard and removes the seeds so the grass looks greener.

Water the Lawn Properly

Watering the lawn needs to be done when there hasn’t been enough rain to keep the soil moist below ground. If the grass doesn’t get enough water, it’s going to look lighter in color and eventually will turn brown and die. More water, but not necessarily watering more frequently, can help keep the grass healthy so it looks green.


Is the Grass Greener on Your Neighbor’s Side of the Fence? 7 Things You Can Try


Control Pet Damage

Pet owners will want to be careful, as dog urine can leave brown spots on the grass. Essentially, the composition of pet urine contains chemicals that are deadly to grass. A little bit may not have a huge impact, but if the dog tends to use the bathroom in the same spot every day, it’s going to end up killing patches of grass in the yard.

Add Nutrients to the Soil

If the soil in the area is poor, adding nutrients may be necessary to help the grass grow greener and healthier. Test the soil to determine what nutrients are needed or use a top dressing for the lawn made from high-quality compost. Compost can be made at home and added to the lawn as needed to help it get the nutrients it needs.

Get Rid of Pests

Pests can cause damage underground, leading to bare or brown patches in the grass. If this is happening, check the symptoms to determine which pests are likely damaging the yard. Then, take the appropriate measures to remove the pests and save the grass that remains. Once the pests are gone and the grass can grow again, it’s going to be greener.

Install New Sod

If nothing has helped the grass look greener, it may just be the type of grass that’s in the yard. There are many different types of grass, with some being lighter and others being a deeper shade of green. Look into the different types to find the right one for the yard.

If your lawn isn’t as green as you’d like, there are options available. Try out the tips mentioned here to see what’s going to help your lawn grow green and healthy so you don’t have to be envious of the neighbor’s yard anymore.


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