Is Your Toilet Getting Clogged? How to Repair It

Plumbing issues that result from toilet clogging stem from several causes. Some you might be able to correct with your DIY skills and regular tricks, while others may require plumbing professionals. There are various plumbers and professionals available locally and regionally. You can discuss the issue with them, and they will provide you with the best quality service. However, many things are vital in understanding the underlying cause of clogging so that you may repair it permanently.


Why does your toilet keep clogging?

Recurring toilet clog arises because of distinct causes. Issues with how you use the toilet, the plumbing system, and the bathroom are possibilities. Below are a few typical reasons why the toilet will clog:

  • Blocked vents in the toilet
  • Clogging in the sewer line
  • Clog in the toilet trap
  • Non-flushable item is flushed
  • Too much tissue inside the flash
  • The bathroom is in the low-flow model

Persistent toilet troubles

Many homes still stick to the early model of toilets, low flow. These are installed in such a way that there might be hassles of toilet clogging. The problem, which causes clogs repeatedly to form inside the toilet, is the toilet itself. While the early model of the low-flow toilet was appropriate for older homes, things have changed today.

The way house water conservation has changed; the requirement of the new system is well established. Without the necessary materials and pressure levels, there might be problems with the sewer line and the toilet. It may result in repeated clogs. To deal with these issues, you need Taylor & Co. Plumbing of Sydney, as they are known for their best services.

What is the solution? 

One easy trick to solve low-flow toilet issues is to use fewer toilet tissues. When you limit the number of tissues sent down the toilet, you exclude the problem of clogging. When you reduce toilet paper utilization, you automatically cut down toilet clogging.

Avoid excessive use of tissue paper

Excessive utilization of toilet tissue is a fundamental problem when the toilet gets clogged. A nominal amount of toilet tissue is enough, but most individuals utilize a considerable amount to clean up after using the bathroom. The more material gets down the drain, the more clogging happens.

Toilet paper has emerged as a fancy item over the years. Many individuals enjoy the comfort of toilet tissue, but when too much of this is used, the material may not be dissolved fully, which results in toilet clogging.

Talk to family members 

As per Chiang Rai Times, if you have identified that too much toilet paper is why the toilet keeps on clogging, it’s time to sit with household members about the problem. Ask every individual to reduce the use of toilet paper when they flush. Consider disposing of the toilet paper in the trash cans and not washing it inside the drain.

To deal with any vent blockage and trap clogs, you need experts’ help. It is better to reach out to a professional to rectify the problem. Plumbers and professionals can fix the issue whether it is a clogged toilet or any other problem. You can work on a list of local plumbers available in your area.



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