How to Keep Your Closet Organized

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When it comes to organizing your closet, try to utilize all the space to keep your room clutter-free. Keeping your closet organized not only streamlines your morning routine, but it makes your space look cleaner and visually appealing. Although, keeping your closet neat and tidy may seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a little space and too many items of clothing.

Here are some tips to help you organize your closet.


  • Opt for white colors

Whether you have an in-built or custom closet, there is no denying that a plain white color will make your closet brighter and cleaner. White is always a go-to choice for a fresh and cleaner interior look, especially for small spaces as it makes it appear more spacious. If your painting looks worn out or has dark colors, consider re-painting your walls, wardrobe, and shelves.


Keep Your Closet Organized


  • Declutter

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had that outfit that didn’t fit anymore, but we just couldn’t let it go, as well as a bunch of other things. To keep your closet tidy, you have to let go of certain things that are no longer needed.

Take everything out, clean your closet, and decide on what clothes you want to keep, store, donate, or throw out. One way I keep my closet organized and create more room is by sorting out clothes seasonally. Winter clothing takes up a lot of space. In the summer, put your winter clothes away (sweaters, coats, jackets) to give more room for summer clothing and vice versa.


Keep Your Closet Organized


  • Reorganize your closet

The best way to keep your closet organized is to group similar items. Separate your jeans, long-sleeve shirts, dresses, jacket, belts, etc. and store them as a group. That will make it much easier to figure out the best way to store each type of item.

It is also best to separate your casual clothes from your work clothes. Color-coding your closet makes it look more stylish and organized. Shelf Dividers are perfect for closet organization and decluttering!

Use a shoe rack to store your shoes neatly. If you have a small space, consider storing your shoes on the back of your door using a shoe pocket organizer. Small items are always tricky to store, use your drawers to store underwear (bras, underpants, socks, etc.) Hang your belts and purses on the hanger rod.

  • Invest in matching hangers

To make your closet look clean and polished, avoid using different types and colors of hangers.  Consider using thin, or nonslip velvet hangers as they take up less space and would keep your clothes from falling off as opposed to plastic and wood hangers.

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