Keep Your Home Safe by Deterring Those Opportunist Burglars!

Most homeowners think about entrance doors in terms of privacy and aesthetics. Hence, their entire focus remains on beautifying it. When doing this, they forget about the uninvited visitors who break into the house to damage their property or people. Prioritize your and your house’s safety over any visual gimmicky by making arrangements to thwart any break-in attempts or tackle emergencies. A combination of DIY and long-term solutions can help with this. Let’s delve into them.


Frosty privacy film

It’s a common practice to have transparent glass inserts and sidelights on entry doors. People enjoy the idea of sunlight trickling through this. But in this excitement, they ignore that some nosy interlopers may peep to get a sense of things inside.

You can install the frosted film to block their view. Nowadays, these options come in excellent styles, which look after both privacy and decorative needs.

Keypad lock

It may sound funny or predictable, but these criminals mostly gain access to your home through keys. People hide keys under plants or such places for their family members. However, the nasty gang tends to be aware of all of them. You can prevent this situation by resorting to keypad locks.

These advanced door locks come with safety functions like fingerprint reading, alarms, remote unlocking, wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and more. You can talk to a trusted locksmith like Keys On Wheels about the options and get installation help. It will be helpful if you learn more about Keys On Wheels before approaching them.

Motion detector light fixtures

Burglars fear getting detected. You may keep the light on your front porch during your vacations to create an illusion of your presence in the house. But those examining a street to execute their criminal plan will instantly realize that the house is empty.

The better way to avert this risk is by installing motion sensor lighting solutions, which burn on detecting the movement. Some options can track motion from a distance of 50 feet and illuminate 70 feet area. It’s more than enough to shoo these intruders away. You get solar-powered devices also that don’t require electric wiring. So, explore your options well before deciding on anything.

Door material

A weak entrance door is a significant risk as a burglar can kick it open. The door has to be solid-core material to defend your house. Solid wood and steel are the best choices. With this, you must choose even more robust hardware, such as door hinges, jambs, and door frames. During new installation, implementing these things becomes easier.

Still, it doesn’t mean old doors don’t have any scope for improvement. You can replace the strike plate of the gate with a heavy-duty steel plate. The screws that attach it to the door should be three inches in size. Some people face budget issues. In that case, you can evoke your DIY skills and equip your door jambs with a hinge guard, door shield, door chain, or door brace.

Keeping your home safe and secure should be on top of your mind. No way can you take it lightly. Otherwise, you risk your property and people’s lives. You have many options to reinforce protection at your home. Act on it before it’s too late.



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