Keeping a Clean Dock: Tips for All Types

Did you know that the average dock will last around 20 years with proper maintenance? Docks are expensive to build, but keeping a clean dock is a great way to prevent costly repairs or even dock replacements. It might not seem like there is much that goes into cleaning a dock, but it is important that you know how to clean a dock in a thorough manner if you want it to last.

If you’re not sure how to go about keeping a dock clean then you’re in luck. You’ve come to the perfect place to learn some helpful tips for maintaining your docks and keeping them like-new for years to come.

Keep reading for some helpful tips today.


Clean Dock Often

If you’re looking for an effective way to keep your dock clean then you should consider power or pressure washing it on a consistent basis. This washing helps to remove any dirt and debris that has built up on your home’s dock. You should also consider sanding your deck once the pressure washing process is done.

Pressure washing will soften the wood and could result in some vicious splinters if you’re not careful. Sanding the deck will get rid of these splinters and make it safe to walk on.

Take Monthly Pictures

Sometimes assets like docks deteriorate slowly and the next thing that you know, they’re in need of some pretty serious repairs. Start taking a picture each month of your home’s dock as a way to make sure that it is still in good condition and that it isn’t deteriorating in a gradual way.

Set an Inspection Schedule

You should also put together a schedule for inspecting your home’s deck. Most smartphones allow you to put in events and reminders that will help you remember things. It is a wise move to put in regular reminders about getting your home’s dock inspected.

Getting your dock inspected will prevent the need for major repairs since any issues will get identified before they become significant. If you want to avoid taking all of these maintenance steps then you should consider getting an inflatable dock for your waterfront home.

Protect Corners and Sides

Your docks might seem pretty sturdy but there are certain areas that are more vulnerable than others. If your waterfront home has a dock then you need to make sure that you’re taking measures to protect the corners and the sides of the dock. If you plan on parking boats at your dock then taking this step will go a long way towards keeping your dock in good shape. Knowing where to get dock lift repair near me gives you the advantage of being able to contact them on a regular basis for inspection.


Follow These Steps for a Clean Dock Today

Keeping a clean dock will not only make your property look nice but it will also allow your dock to remain sturdy and strong for plenty of years into the future. Cleaning docks might not be fun, but it is a much better alternative to paying for expensive repairs or replacements. Make sure that you’re washing and sanding your deck for the best results.

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