Keeping Tobacco Inside The House: Here’s What You Should Get

Tobacco users are often seen to be living in smoking rooms that are filled with smoke. Some others even tend to smoke under their non-smoking neighbors’ noses! If you’re like one of these people, it is time to take your smoking habits out of the house for good.

Having tobacco inside the house is a tradition for many people. However, there are still some who do not have any idea on how to store tobacco properly. If you are one of these people, then this article is just right for you! Here’s what you should get if you want to keep your tobacco inside the house.


Keeping Tobacco Inside The House: Here's What You Should Get

1) A Large Humidor

For those who have a cabinet, a humidor would be perfect storage for your tobacco. It is the standard size of the box, and it can contain about 25 ounces or more of pipe tobacco. It also has an airtight seal that will keep the humidity inside at all times. So even if you open and close it multiple times throughout the day, it will still preserve its moisture levels.

A large electronic humidor will also maintain the moisture level of your tobacco if you do not have time to check on it. It has a hygrometer that will tell you when your box is already moist enough or not.

2) A Personal Cigar Humidor

A personal cigar humidor is also a good choice. It is small and can fit anywhere inside the house. This means that it will not take too much space at all, and you can still keep it even in tight places like your desk drawer or bedroom cabinet. The only catch with this kind of humidor is that they cannot carry more than four cigars at once. So if you plan to keep many cigars, then using a large one would be appropriate and practical for your needs. Some Humidors, also come along with cigar hygrometers. These hygrometers help indicate the interior humidity, which is necessary to ensure both the taste as well as the structural integrity of the cigars.

3) A Pipe Rack

A pipe rack can also be a good option for storing your tobacco at home. As long as you place this in an open area where air can easily pass through, it will indeed work to preserve the quality of your smoke. In addition, it has several spots inside where you can keep all your favorite tobacco and pipes without hassle. 

However, some people still do not use pipe racks when they store their smoking products at home. The only thing they know about these kinds of racks is that they help release moisture from moist tobacco to prevent it from rotting. Some also think that smoking products will be ruined if you place them in a rack for extended periods. But the truth is, pipe racks are very safe, and they cannot damage your tobacco or pipes at all!

4) A Room Odor Eliminator

Meanwhile, you can use an odor eliminator that will quickly eliminate all unwanted scents in your surroundings. There are several kinds available, so it would be best for you to compare their prices and choose one based on your preference or budget. Don’t forget about its scent as well! Because if it doesn’t suit your taste, then buying it won’t be worth it at all. You can also purchase indoor fireproof plates or trays, which you can place inside your house as long as they have a ventilated area for ventilation.


Keeping Tobacco Inside The House: Here's What You Should Get


5) An Ashtray

A glass ashtray is best for you to use indoors. However, if your house is made of wood, it would be wise to opt for metal or stone ashtrays instead. These materials are resistant to absorbing the scent of burnt tobacco, which can quickly permeate wooden surfaces when they are hot. They will also maintain the cleanliness of your room, especially if you have kids. It also helps reduce the risk of fire breaking out inside your house if someone throws a cigarette butt accidentally on the floor without noticing it.

6) Good Ventilation

Having good ventilation inside the house is also important for smokers to prevent the bad smell from sticking onto their walls and furniture, especially when they smoke in closed areas. If you have non-ventilated rooms, then it would be best to add some fans inside your house or, even better, an air purifier. This can keep all unwanted scents from building up too much, which will make the room more tolerable to stay at for everyone in your family.

If you want to maintain a clean house by keeping your smoking habits inside the house, you should seriously consider buying these items. They are relatively cheap, and they don’t take up much space either! Furthermore, they will help you maintain the freshness of your house and your tobacco for a much more extended period.

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