Key Things to Take Care of When Moving into a New Home

Although exciting, relocating is never an easy feat, mainly because there is a long list of tasks you need to go through before settling in your new place. This can be exhausting, for sure, but tackling such tasks in advance can spare you a lot of the stress and hassle later on. Having a checklist to follow can be of major help here. So, to make things a bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of seven key things to take care of when moving into a new home.


Have your utilities transferred

One of the first things you’ll need to cross off your checklist has to do with transferring utilities such as water, gas, and electricity, as well as Internet, cable, and phone. Keep this in mind as you prepare for your move and notify all your providers at least two weeks prior to the move so that everything is set up and working the day you move in. The last thing you want to do is to have to sit in a cold place with no Internet access or electricity, so tackle this on time and update your service providers with your new address so that your bills arrive there.

Make sure to keep your mailing address up to date by changing it directly with everyone from your bank to your credit card lenders, and remember to update your driver’s license and vehicle registrations as well.

Install new locks on all exterior doors

No one likes the idea of strangers having access to their home, whether we’re talking about maintenance people, realtors, previous owners, contractors, or someone else. You and your family should be able to feel safe at your new place, and that’s something that’s hard to do when others have keys to your home.

For a peace of mind, it’d be best to turn to a locksmith and have them switch out the locks on all exterior doors as soon as you move in. Not only will this increase the feeling of safety, but it’ll also make your new home truly yours.


Key Things to Take Care of When Moving into a New Home


Set up a home security system

While installing new locks is key to keeping your new home safe, you should also take a step further and set up a home security system. Some homes will already have a security system in place, and it’ll just need to be activated. One call to a security company and you’ll have your system working in no time.

Other times, you’ll need to have a security system installed. You can call in the pros to do it for you, or you can take the DIY route and set up a home security system yourself. Wireless security systems are a better option for DIY installations, while wired ones will call for professional assistance, so keep that in mind as well.

Make insurance your top priority

If this is the first time you’re buying a house, chances are, you will be expected by your mortgage lender to get some level of home and contents insurance. Although it may be tempting to rely on basic coverage when buying your first home insurance policy, it’s best to shop around and look for options that suit your individual needs. Do your best to familiarize yourself with coverage areas that are commonly included in home insurance policies, whether we’re talking about dwelling coverage, liability coverage, or personal property coverage.

The same rules will apply when insuring your vehicle. Think about when, where, and how you drive your car, and then select a car insurance based on that. By making sure that your home and garage are just as protected by your policy as what’s inside them, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that, in case anything unexpected happens, you will be financially protected.


Key Things to Take Care of When Moving into a New Home


Have your home child-proofed and pet-proofed

Just like protecting your new home and valuables such as your vehicles, having your new home child-proofed and pet-proofed is equally important. Take a look around your new house and identify potential hazards. After that, take the necessary steps to make your new place as safe as possible for children and pets. This will include everything from securing unstable furniture and safely storing medications and cleaning supplies to covering outlets and installing safety gates.

You should also make sure that any pests you’re dealing with are taken care of before moving in. By tackling any pest problems in advance, your children and pets won’t be coming into contact with any harsh chemicals that are a part of the process of pest-proofing a home.

Clean your new place from top to bottom

This is something you want to do before you begin unloading the moving truck and bringing in your furniture and belongings. Having less stuff to move around as you clean will make it easier for you to give your new place a deep clean and start fresh.

Wipe down everything from kitchen cabinets and closets to cabinet drawers and shelves, tackle the windows, floors, carpets, and fixtures, and give your oven, freezer, and refrigerator thoroughly clean as well. If you’re planning on doing the cleaning yourself, load up on all the cleaning supplies you’ll need beforehand. If the time is tight, consider hiring a cleaning service to tackle the cleaning for you.


Key Things to Take Care of When Moving into a New Home


Look for ways to boost your home’s energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is another thing you’ll need to keep in mind when moving into a property you just bought, especially if your new place is a bit older and in need of some TLC. For starters, inspect your home’s insulation. If it’s damaged or otherwise inadequate, you will need to install new insulation. Then, check your home for leaks or constant running, and tackle the repairs to prevent unnecessary losses.

Other ways you can boost your home’s energy efficiency include replacing old, inefficient light bulbs with LED or CFL ones, air-sealing your home, and upgrading to energy-efficient appliances. Not only will these green upgrades translate to significant savings down the road, but they’ll also make your home more eco-friendly and reduce your impact on the environment.

Wrapping up

Moving into a new home is very much like beginning a new chapter in life, and you want to make sure that all the important things are taken care of so you can start things off on the right foot. With these tips in mind, you’ll make your new home a safe, clean, comfortable, and secure place to be and make it easier for yourself and your family to settle in.




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