Kitchen Buying Guide – Which Kitchen Design Is Best For Your Home

If you are in the market for a new kitchen and haven’t recently had a good look around then the one thing you will notice is the amount of choice currently available in the UK. Even as not so far back as 10 years ago the choices were to have something a bit country or traditional looking or a modern kitchen that resembled something you might find on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise wrapped in vibrant garish colours, for some reason purple seemed exactly the right colour for every kitchen in the land.

These days kitchen manufacturers and designers have come up with multiple variations on these two themes and, let’s be honest, made looking for the right kitchen for you a much more successful operation. Let’s then have a look at the options on the market and how they may well fit in with your dreams and lifestyle.


Scandinavian Kitchens 

Scandinavian kitchens are mostly made of whites, earthy and bright brown colours exaggerated by small areas of black and pastel colours. The real art of a Scandinavian kitchen lies with the designers and their ability to maximise the accented colours to bring it all together.

Another joy of a Scandinavian designed kitchen is that by literally changing just one of the pastel colours you can change the whole look and feel of the whole room. It makes a Scandinavian kitchen future proof with design so you can just add hints of modern pastels throughout its life to reinvigorate when it’s getting on a bit.

Shaker Kitchens

If we look at shaker kitchens then we can see that they are one of the oldest styles of kitchen design around today and feature flat centres on the middle panels and minimal detailing creating an old-world look and feel, which is apt as shaker kitchens have been around for centuries.

A shaker kitchen is considered to be a working, lived-in kitchen and ideal for a family life built on entertainment and practicality. Made of solid stuff, a shaker kitchen is built to last and looks fantastic in the slate grey, olive green or hardy black finishes.


Kitchen Buying Guide - Which Kitchen Design Is Best For Your Home


German Kitchens

German kitchens are exactly what you would think they are. Premium, high quality, functional and striking to look at. With the most popular German brands and designers being Eggersmann, Nolte, Siematic amongst others. They rely upon the German fascination of being a modular kitchen, easy to adapt to any environment and giving the ability to grow with the family as they need it. Practicality at its utmost.

German kitchens are not exclusively but mostly all about excellent ergonomics. A German modern kitchen is designed to respond to the way we use the carefully designed space and means that most Germans kitchen brands are good are making sure their kitchens are easy and comfortable to use.

Of course, if you want to follow the crowd, or not as the case may be then it may be important to know what the most popular choices are regarding the elements of a kitchen purchased in the UK last year.

Popular Kitchen Colors

The most popular kitchen colour is white, and the panels are more likely to be flat. Granite has now become the most popular material for your worktop, it’s also the most expensive of course. Fancy a brightly coloured kitchen splashback, well if you follow the crowd, it’s just going to be white too and will be finished in a ceramic tile rather than glass, which appears to have been very 2010.

The appliances will have a stainless-steel finish and the floor will be a medium-coloured hardwood, although floorings such as Amtico are now becoming more and more popular even though they are at the top end of the market in terms of cost. Worth noting though that these high-end flooring systems can be guaranteed for up to 30 years.

Kitchen Design Summary

So, in summary, here we have looked ever so briefly at just three slightly different styles of kitchen available today in the UK and have barely touched the surface in any of them which just goes to show the amount of choice now available to the UK consumer when they are looking for a new kitchen.

The range of different styles of kitchen available today is breath-taking compared to just a few years ago and although some of you sceptics out there will think it’s just down to more advanced marketing strategies then do yourselves a favour and have a quick look online or at your local kitchen designer’s showroom, you’ll be glad you did, and you will find a whole new world of kitchens to choose from. Looking for the best waterdrop tankless RO water filters? Check Waterdrop advanced G3 RO water filter with UV sterilizer. Thanks for reading.



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