Knee Bursitis Exercises You Can Do at Home: Health and Fitness Tips

Exercise is unquestionably a vital element of life. Incorrect stretches or exercises performed in the wrong manner can lead to health issues. The inflammation of the bursae is one of the injuries one can suffer due to the overuse of the knee or incorrect methods of exercising.

It would be good to take the advice of a physical trainer before beginning any routine exercise. Are you struggling to cure an unbearable pain in the knee?  A trustworthy and effective solution is at one’s disposal is buying medical supplies online. Check out some simple knee bursitis exercises that can be introduced in routine to reduce the ache in the knee. 

Knee Bursitis Exercises



The ache is caused due to the inflammation of the tissues and reducing lubrication in the joints. Gradual stretching may improve inflammation and reduce friction in the joints. Some exercises recommended for muscle strength-

1. Seated Hamstring Stretch 

Sit at the edge of the chair with the back straight. Lift the leg you want to be exercised and bend forward over your thigh. The stretch will ease the muscles at the knee joint.

2. Stomach Squad Stretch

Lie on your stomach. Grab your ankle with your hand or a strap to pull the ankle towards your buttocks. Stop when you feel the muscles stretch.

3. Calf Stretch

Be seated on the floor with outstretched hands and use a belt strapped around the ball of your foot.

Standing ITB Stretch

It has proven to bring relief if practiced. Keep the back straight and cross the leg over the thigh.try touching the toes as much as possible till you feel the stretch. Prayer Stretch

Kneel as if praying and bring the chest close to the thighs. Use a cushion below to support the knees. The arms, lower and upper back, knee, and buttock will experience a good feeling.


The quadriceps, if not strengthened, are one of the causes of Knee Bursitis. The pain in the knee increases if thigh muscles are not exercised. Thigh strengthening is necessary for relieving knee pain.

Quad Set

Sit on the floor with legs outstretched. Use a pillow or towel below the knee for squeezing. Push back the knee against the towel and feel the muscles stretch. Every contraction of the muscle strengthens the knee. Keep this position for 5-10 seconds and repeat the exercise 15times.

Heel Slides

Lie on the back flat in a sleeping position. The abdomen should be tight and pull the heel towards the buttock. Maintain the position for 2-3 seconds and try to pull the knee to a 90⁰position. Repeat on the other leg and do at least 2-3 sets at a time.

Straight Leg Raise

Lie on the back flat and raise the first leg as much as one can. The other leg bent faced flat on the floor.  Tighten the abdomen and feel the stretch on the thighs. Repeat on each leg set of 2-3 at least 10-15 times.

Side-Lying Abduction

Lie on your side and legs perpendicular to the ground. The lower leg bent slightly for support. Lift the leg with the ankle flexed straight and once raised take it a little back for a better outcome. Repeat 2-3sets on either leg 15-20 times.

Progression Ball Squats

Place an exercise ball between you and your back against the wall, spread the legs apart, and squat as far as one can go down. The ball rolls along your back.

Do not let the knees give way and balance on the heels.

Repeat the exercise 2-3 sets and do it 10-15 times.

How will you Benefit?

These stretches done regularly will strengthen the knees and gradual recovery will be felt. Benefits

  1. Exercise heals pain rather than ingested medicines.
  2. The body feels rejuvenated and fresh
  3. Better blood flow in the body.
  4. Knees are more flexible and tissues are healed normally.
  5. Muscle strength is improved and the body is agile.
  6. An improvement in the coordination of muscles.

Considering Physical Therapy?

A therapist can help identify improper movement in the body. A well-guided therapy will lead to the slow but gradual healing of the Knee Bursitis. The therapist serves to guide the person and information is easily found at the tip of the finger by clicking any medical online store and relieving yourself from anxiety.

Goals of Physical Therapy

Therapy helps in relieving pain, builds muscle strength, allows you to carry on the normal routine, guides, and provides tips related to exercise.

Therapy will guide and direct not to exercise vigorously and take each phase gradually, personal care not to worsen the symptom if the person faces any problem the therapist will make changes to the exercise routine according to the need with correct physical therapy products.

The exercises mentioned are a great way to begin the healing process. In time the muscles will be strengthened and improve coordination. In case you prefer personal care and attention you can consult an orthopaedician and buy medical supplies online.


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