Land Surveying: A Perfect Tool For Determining The Property Lines

Have you ever considered knowing the details about your property? When you own a land, it is very important to know from where it begins and ends, for, without it, you simply cannot sell or develop your property. And, land surveying is one such tool that can help in determining the lines of your property and get the exact location of the land.

Why do you need it?

Building permits and lending require a lot of knowledge. Having an inadequate knowledge of your property can result in disputes and conflicts. Without having an idea about the exact boundary lines of your property, you cannot even solve the disputes.

On the other hand, there is a lot that you can obtain from a land survey. It is so much more than just finding the boundary lines of your property. Modern surveying makes use of global positioning systems and satellites, along with mathematics to calculate boundary lines for maps.

These calculations provide sufficient information about the established boundaries and topography of your land to you and your surveyor. It also enables to know about the land zoning requirements, permitted uses of the land, overlays, and other planning documents.

Land Surveying


When do you need it?

So far, you have understood the importance of getting a land survey. But, only referencing a legal description is not sufficient to identify the edge of your property. For this reason, you need to hire a build surveyor to meet all your requirements. The reasons that justify the need for land surveying include:

  1. Finding edge lines of the  property
  2. Meeting mortgage requirements.
  3. Settling boundary disputes.
  4. Locating easements.
  5. Building a house or any other structure.
  6. Locating utilities.

Different ways it can be done

There are different ways that can be used while surveying a land. The way you are using depends on the reason why you need it. Whether it is for locating the property lines or splitting the parcels of the land, the professionals can provide you with different ways to fulfill your real estate needs.

Topographical Survey: If you want to identify the natural and man-made features within your property, you can get a topographical survey with the help of experts. The latest technology used by them can help you to get accurate surveys and architectural design phases for planning.

3D Laser Scanning: This method is extremely accurate and is used for capturing the data in 3D. This technology can be used for various purposes including construction inspection, As-built Surveys, pre-planning of events, engineering surveys, archaeology and so much more.

GPR Survey: The GPR is a method of surveying that is used for underground variations at a worksite. This helps in recognizing the metallic and non-metallic subsurface objects. As a result, locating utilities such as gas, water, fiber-optic become quite easier.  

A land survey will document the lines and the features of your property exactly what your property consists of. Without proper documentation, the workers cannot start the construction process and the banks will have no idea what it is lending on. This clearly shows that a land survey should be up to date and should consist of all the new improvements or property features.


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