Landscaping a Sloped Backyard: Gorgeous Ideas for Every Budget

Congratulations – you’ve moved to your dream house – well, it was almost the dream! It is nearly perfect but has an issue that has left you scratching your head. What’s this perplexing problem? The troublesome sloped garden.

Sloped gardens don’t entice you to play a soccer game or stretch out on the sunlounger, so what should you do with them?

There are many ways you can turn a sloped garden into a feature. You could even create a garden good enough to feature on the front cover of a gardening magazine. Here’s what to do when landscaping a sloped backyard.


Raised Decking

Raised seating looks excellent in any garden and is a fantastic way to hide a natural slope in your backyard.

If you add decking to a steep slope, add some decked flower beds to either side of the steps leading up to the seating area. It will make the entire space look pretty and modern.


Landscaping a Sloped Backyard: Gorgeous Ideas for Every Budget


Pay for Levelling

If your backyard is small but sloped, it might be cost-effective to get it leveled. Leveling is typically expensive. However, when dealing with small square footage, you can keep the costs minimal and get all the benefits of a level garden.

Multi-level Paving

Adding layers to a sloped garden will add interest and variety to your backyard.

You can create a pathway or even a patio. And you can add flower beds at different levels of the garden to add plenty of beauty and variety. Learn more here about creating a high-quality finish for a patio area.

Disguise Using Trees and Shrubs

Green shrubbery or dense trees in a backyard can easily disguise a slope. Try planting at curved borders leading up the hill. You’ll get the illusion of a winding pathway across your backyard instead of a sloped surface.


Landscaping a Sloped Backyard: Gorgeous Ideas for Every Budget


Add a Water Feature

Water features will make any garden feel tranquil. The natural slope of a brook or waterfall makes them the perfect addition to a sloped backyard.

You can add a rock garden to either side of the water feature to make an exciting and beautiful landscape for your backyard and a paved pathway that runs alongside.

Add a Viewpoint

Use a sloped garden to your advantage. The upper part of your backyard should have the best view, so one of the most straightforward backyard slope design ideas is to turn this into a feature.

Add a raised seating area with walls on either side and admire the surrounding view. You might even be lucky enough to have a viewpoint to watch the sunrise or sunset!


Landscaping a Sloped Backyard: Gorgeous Ideas for Every Budget

Try a Separating Wall

Create a flat and level part of your garden and add lush green turf. With the remaining sloped area, add a separating wall and create landscaped greenery behind it, with a mixture of flowers and shrubs.

That will give your garden the right aesthetics and make it practical. It will allow you to enjoy some green space to relax while surrounding yourself with nature.


Learning About Landscaping a Sloped Backyard

Don’t despair at the thought of landscaping a sloped backyard. Using the right plants, paving, and greenery, you can create a tranquil space in nature for you to enjoy.

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