Laser Teeth Whitening – The Fastest Teeth Cleaning Technique

Today, dental aesthetics is more important and a perfect smile with white teeth is synonymous with beauty. The development of new technologies and materials applied to dental aesthetics allows the application of the most innovative and effective techniques like laser teeth whitening to achieve more beautiful, attractive, and eye-catching smiles.

Laser whitening is a treatment that allows lightening the tone of the teeth, basically for an aesthetic purpose.

Many people need this treatment because their teeth have lost their natural tone, due to various factors such as excessive consumption of coffee and tobacco and also due to certain medications.

Laser whitening is done by placing a whitening gel on the surface of the teeth that is activated by a laser light source. The session lasts approximately 45 minutes and the patient may require 01 to 03 sessions to achieve the optimal result.


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What is laser teeth whitening?

First of all, you must bear in mind that teeth whitening is a dental treatment and, as such, must be supervised by a dentist. The first step you should take is to go for a dental check-up by a professional.

This type of cosmetic dentistry treatment is highly effective and very quick. It manages to lighten darkened teeth in just one session lasting approximately one hour.

It is based on the use of the lamp in the clinic to enhance the action of the whitening agent. Laser light is used to activate the whitening gel which absorbs the light energy and penetrates the tooth enamel to increase the whitening effect on the teeth.


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Characteristics of laser teeth whitening

  • It is fast and done in a single session
  • Activation with light makes the process much more effective
  • Its results are very long-lasting
  • A white smile greatly enhances facial aesthetics
  • It is done in several sessions of 20 minutes each
  • Measurable laser teeth whitening results in 24 hours
  • It is an aesthetic procedure but not harmful to the teeth.
  • Dental sensitivity occurs, but it is transitory. It only lasts a few days and vanishes
  • The sessions are tiresome due to their endless cycles
  • Laser tooth whitening is harmless to the tooth
  • It has few side effects. Laser teeth whitening practically has no drawbacks


Disadvantages of laser whitening

It cannot really be said that laser whitening treatment has disadvantages since it has few side effects and the results are spectacular. But these facts cannot be overlooked:

  • Teeth whitening with LED and other types of lamps and lights, lasers, as well as heat-activated techniques might cause irritation of the dental pulp.
  • The disadvantages of teeth whitening with light, and its risks, are a strong counterweight to the use of light sources or lasers during teeth whitening.
  • A single in-office light teeth whitening session does not speed up results or make them more ingrained.
  • Fees vary for each patient. The laser teeth whitening cost ranges from $600 to $1200.


laser teeth whitening laser whitening, laser teeth whitening cost


How does this treatment work?

The laser whitening procedure involves the application of a hydrogen peroxide gel to the surface of the teeth. This gel, activated by the laser, releases free radicals that penetrate through the dental enamel and reach the pigmented molecules of the teeth -responsible for the stains and their yellowish coloration- breaking them through redox reactions. As a result, the color of the teeth changes, becoming whiter, brighter, and more stainless.


laser teeth whitening near me, laser whitening treatment, laser teeth whitening results


This tooth whitening procedure should be performed only in those clinics that are authorized to do so. Choose a dental clinic that uses top-notch technology. These clinics must have good LED lamps to speed up the activation process and provide better services to patients, contributing to their good experience.

The patient is usually very happy in just one whitening session and, in general, it is not necessary to repeat the treatment until 2-7 years later.

The system to use, the type of peroxide, and the application time will be prescribed by the dentist according to the needs of each case. Diagnosis and scientific evidence is what should guide the clinical decisions of each dentist. Laser teeth whitening is contingent upon the case. So, it is not the same protocol for all cases.

Recommendations during and after laser whitening treatment

If there is sensitivity to cold or slight discomfort, it is advisable to consult your dentist. These discomforts are temporary. If it persists, rinses with desensitizing mouthwashes or topical applications with these products will be carried out.

Rinses with fluoride and brushing with normal fluoride pastes can now be carried out.

It is recommended to avoid for a month, the consumption of carbonated drinks and any product or food that causes stains, as well as acidic foods (pineapple, kiwi, citrus). Follow a white diet: no spinach, no red wine, no cola, among others.


laser teeth whitening laser whitening, laser teeth whitening cost


In this period, the tooth is especially prone to staining. Continue with a white diet if we want to prolong the result of the treatment much longer.

External stains that may appear due to coffee, tea, tobacco, black sodas, spinach, iron drinkable vitamin complexes, chlorhexidine-based mouthwashes… can be removed by cleaning the mouth or daily use of special whitening toothpaste.

Allow a month to pass before changing the fillings that need to be changed in the whitened dental sector, until the complete removal of the whitening product.

Minimum age for laser teeth whitening

As for the minimum age of the patient for dental whitening, it is known that there are no limits to whitening. However, these treatments are not carried out on deciduous teeth, since in most cases they are sufficiently white.

During the mixed dentition, teeth whitening can be performed in severe cases where the discolourations are so pronounced that the smile is already compromised. In these cases, although the safety of the products used for teeth whitening is suitable for children, it requires exhaustive control by parents.


laser teeth whitening near me, laser whitening treatment, laser teeth whitening results


In short, laser teeth whitening is, without a doubt, the fastest and most effective way to achieve healthy and beautiful teeth. Good dental health is an essential condition for a beautiful smile. Google laser teeth whitening near me to find top-rated clinics and read the reviews to pick the best service.

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