Learn From Professionals: 7 Window Cleaning Tips

Cleaning windows may be a commonly overlooked task in a home, though keeping them bright and clean is essential. Dust and dirt accumulated in the windows can circulate inside the house if left uncleaned while grimy or streaky glass panes would look unsightly both inside and outside of the household. Aside from these, windows allow natural light to come to the home’s interior, and leaving them uncleaned would get in the way of this purpose.

The good news is that keeping your windows bright and clear doesn’t have to be complicated or labor-intensive. You can choose to do it on your own or have it professionally done, depending on the extent of the work your household requires.

If you’d like some tips on how to keep your windows clean, here are some suggestions from professional cleaners that you can consider:


1. Set A Regular Window Cleaning Schedule

Your window cleaning requirements would depend on where your house is located. For instance, those who live on a busy street are more exposed to dust and dirt, which can turn to grime if not cleaned often. Thus, if your windows quickly accumulate dirt, it’ll be beneficial to have them cleaned at least once a month. Regular cleaning and maintenance make them easier to clean and less prone to deterioration.


Learn From Professionals: 7 Window Cleaning Tips


2. Use Cleaning Agents From Your Kitchen

Cleaning your windows doesn’t have to be costly. You can save money using common cleaning agents that you can find in your kitchen or pantry such as dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, and tap water.

For washing your windows, you can mix water and dishwashing liquid in a bucket and use the mixture with a soft sponge or a window scrubber to clean the glass surface and the window panes.

Some also use vinegar and water combination for the same purpose. To make this solution, you’ll need a 1:1 ratio to ensure that the grease and dirt will be effectively removed. Also, if you’re cleaning below freezing temperatures, add some windshield washing solution to the cleaning water to prevent it from freezing on the glass panes as you scrub.

3. Replace The Squeegee Blade After Every Use

Professional window cleaners advise replacing the squeegee blade after each use to ensure that it’s free from any dirt or residue. It’ll prevent streaks on the glass panes and help you clean more effectively each time.

4. Use Fine Steel Wool For Tough Stains

Stains such as adhesive residue, tree sap, or greasy marks may be tough to remove with regular cleaners. You can use a chemical-based window cleaner for these purposes by spraying it on the stain and gently scrubbing the area with fine steel wool. After which, you can wipe the surface with a clean rag or proceed to wash as needed.


Learn From Professionals: 7 Window Cleaning Tips


5. Use A Blade Scraper For Gunk And Stubborn Dirt

Using a blade scraper can help you effectively remove any gunk or sticky dirt on your glass panels and window panes. To do this, you’ll need to ensure that the glass is scratch-resistant and suitable for blade use.

You’ll also need to wet the surface before scraping for smoother movements and use a soapy material such as dishwashing liquid to lubricate the area. Also, the foam from the soap will help you track your scraping movements and proceed accordingly.

6. Prepare Clean Rags For Different Purposes

You’ll need to prepare a few clean rags before cleaning your windows. The first ones should be used for removing dry particles before using soap and water on the surface. After washing the glass and window panes, you’ll need a new set of lint-free rags to ensure that the surfaces are dry and clear of any residue.

7. Dry The Glass Surface Using Paper

After drying the surface with rags, you’ll need to use old newspaper or recycled paper to give the glass panes a final wipe down. Paper is ideal for absorbing excess moisture, and it’ll also remove any streaks on the glass. It’ll leave your glass windows looking clear and bright after cleaning.



Cleaning your windows doesn’t have to be a complicated and tedious task, provided that you have the suitable materials and tools you need. Also, regular cleaning and upkeep will help you save time in the long run as these would prevent tough stains and stubborn dirt from accumulating on your window surfaces.

Keeping your windows clean is essential in caring for your property. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep your windows functional and aesthetically pleasing. Also, their cleanliness affects the entire household, so it’s essential to set aside time for their upkeep.

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