Learn How to Sell Your House Fast: What You Need to Know

Selling a home is always stressful, but when homeowners are also facing a time-crunch, it can feel like a nightmare. Whether current owners need to sell quickly so they can move to a new city to take a lucrative job offer or they’re facing financial hardship, it’s still possible to get a good price for a residential property. Read on to find out what homeowners need to know about how to sell a home fast to reduce stress and increase the chances of getting a fair price.


The Best Solution

Before discussing tips and tricks for selling houses on the open market, it’s worth mentioning an easier alternative. Homeowners can work with a real estate company that has the working capital to make a fair, all-cash offer and the resources to close the deal as fast as possible. 

Although sellers may get slightly less for their homes if they take this route, they’ll also avoid all kinds of hidden fees and expenses associated with working with realtors and finding private buyers. Homeowners can learn more at placepitch.com about how this process works.

Pricing to Sell

Even in a seller’s market, there’s no guarantee that a home will sell fast for what it’s worth. One thing that can speed up the process of finding a qualified buyer significantly is to price the home more competitively. 

To determine the most appropriate middle ground between overpricing and underpricing, check what comparable homes are selling for in the area. Price the home just a little lower to create interest and attract buyers fast. Homeowners who aren’t willing to lower their asking prices from the get-go can also consider sales incentives and determine appropriate timelines for price reductions.


Learn How to Sell Your House Fast: What You Need to Know


Put the Home’s Best Foot Forward

Homeowners who have a little extra time and need to get as much for their properties as possible may want to schedule repairs, maintenance, and professional landscaping before taking photos for their listings. Creating curb appeal and ensuring that the home looks its best will attract more qualified buyers than just selling it as-is, complete with spiderwebs, peeling paint, and bald spots on the lawn.

Don’t have the time or money for major repairs or exterior renovations? It’s still worth at least devoting a day or two to freshening things up before taking listing photos. Remember, prospective buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in the home. If what they imagine is living with insect infestations, dirty windows, and trash on the front lawn, it will significantly decrease the homeowner’s chances of making a sale.

Hire Professionals Whenever Possible

Some homeowners assume that they’ll save money by doing everything from cleaning and staging to taking listing photos themselves. In fact, homes that have been professionally staged and listings that feature professional photographs are more likely to attract positive attention. It’s almost always worth the money to contract at least the most important of the sales preparation to industry professionals.

Get Started ASAP

Selling a home via conventional channels almost always takes a month or longer, even in competitive markets. Homeowners who have their hearts set on taking this route should start preparing their properties as soon as they’ve made the decision to sell. Those who don’t have weeks or months to wait around for the right buyer are better off working with a real estate investment company that can offer a fast, all-cash offer instead.

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