Let’s Go Explore the Biggest Bird Park in Singapore!

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When on vacation in Singapore, there are tourist destinations that you can visit for animal lovers, Jurong Bird Park. Have a 20-hectare bird park in Singapore which is one of the world’s rare bird conservation sites. You can see birds housed in clean and orderly cages.

If you have a Jurong Bird Park Tickets and come to the park, you will be spoiled with various types of unique birds that you have never even seen before. Every step you take in this park is guaranteed not to bore you because as far as the eye can see you will see different types of birds– 20 percent of the bird species in this park are endangered species.

Therefore, whether you are traveling with your group of friends or family, especially with children, Jurong Bird Park is a great place to relax amidst nature and gain real insight into the flying wonders that are thriving in this beautiful bird paradise.

Jurong Bird Park can be explored by walking or by tram. The good thing about taking the tram is that you don’t get tired of walking and don’t get too hot, just sit back, and listen to the commentaries. Recommended for those who bring their parents and are afraid of getting tired of walking around the park. But if you walk, you can get closer to seeing the animals. Because there are several exhibitions whose location is not on the side of the road and can only be accessed by walking.

The highlight of a visit here is the Waterfall Aviary, a park containing 600 birds of 50 species with a 30-meter-high waterfall in the background. Other areas that are a favorite of tourists are the Penguin Coast and Pelican Cove. At the Penguin Coast, visitors besides taking pictures and playing with penguins while giving fish as their favorite food.

Here are some tips that you can follow for a more exciting and comfortable experience at Jurong Bird Park!


Let's Go Explore the Biggest Bird Park in Singapore!

  • Order Jurong Bird Park Tickets online at Traveloka, because it’s easier to order and pay.
  • Wear your most comfortable pair of shoes and carry a refillable bottle of water to keep you from dehydrating.
  • Prepare for about 2.5 – 3 hours to be satisfied exploring Jurong Bird.


  • It is best to visit the park on a sunny day. However, remember to apply or bring along with your sunscreen and sunglasses. You can also carry an umbrella in case it rains suddenly.
  • If you have many pieces of luggage, you may be asked to store your belongings in a locker or at the reception.
  • Stay safe by applying some insect repellents if your skin is sensitive and easy to have an allergy. However, Jurong Bird Park is safe from dangerous insects.


  • There are cafes and shops inside the park so you can get a coffee, ice cream or sandwich at any time.
  • As much as possible do not touch birds to avoid transmitting disease from birds.
  • Wash your hands with soap after you are done walking around the park.


Those who don’t like birds will have a memorable time at Jurong Bird Park. This park presents something you never imagined would exist in a nature reserve. You can see penguins, cranes, toucans, parrots, and pelicans on the same day, which is a unique and exciting opportunity.

Plus, there are lots of special activities for kids, with a fun wet play area with shallow pool and slides, as well as lots of live shows showcasing the unique talents of the various birds in the park.

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