Life Events List: Common Life Events We All Go Through

Life isn’t easy, nor is it always pretty. You can try your hardest to make something happen, but life might end up taking things in a completely different direction.

That said, life also has some beautiful moments—moments that help you persevere through the difficult times. The time frame these occur in is different for everyone, but that’s part of the reason why life is so special.

Today we’re going to look at a major life events list. While everyone’s story is different, most people will end up going through these events at one point or another.

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Attending Your First School

Attending your first school is often one of the first major memories that many people make. From learning basic skills to playing with other kids, early education has a huge impact on our later development.

Cherish the time you spend at your first school, as it goes by fast!


Life Events List: Common Life Events We All Go Through


Making a Best Friend

Oftentimes at school, people end up meeting someone they feel especially close to. This person is more than their friend, it’s their best friend.

Best friends are there for you in ways that regular friends are not. It might take you years and years to meet your true best friend, but once you do, you’ll realize it was worth the wait.

Getting Your First Job

At a certain point, whether in high school or early adulthood, all people find themselves in the workforce. There’s a good chance your first job won’t be your favorite job, but that’s okay!

Through these sorts of experiences, you can identify what your strengths and passions are. Your next job will, therefore, be something that interests you much more.

Furthering Your Education

In countries like the United States, many people end up furthering their education after high school. Depending on the individual, that may mean college, trade school, or something else.

This time is a great chance to further explore your passions while forming deeper relationships with those around you.

Buying Your First Home and Starting a Family

After finishing their higher education, many people eventually end up starting a family with someone special. This person can take years to find, but you’ll know who they are when you meet them.

Children can then appear on the horizon, as can the prospects of buying your first home. For help with that, check out this guide.

Many people find this part of life to be one of the most exciting. Savor every moment of it!

Everyone Life Events List Is Unique

While this life events list might feature some of the most common life events, remember that everyone’s story is different. That’s what makes life so beautiful!

The events in your life can also happen in a completely different order from that of someone you know. Make sure to embrace all the twists and turns that come your way.

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