Living In A Remote Place: Here’s How To Have Your Own Secret Spot

What does it mean to live in a remote area? For some, it means that you are far away from the nearest big city or town. Living in this type of location can be challenging but having your secret spot where you can go when you need to get away from everything else will prove to be beneficial in many instances. Read on to learn how you can have your serene place.


Build a shelter to keep you hidden from people and animals 

For you to be able to create your secret spot, the first thing that you should do is to build a shelter. You can either make one or buy one, it all depends on your preference and budget. Take the time to explore online sources where you may be able to find kits to build a log cabin and this will prove to be beneficial in building a durable shelter.

Nevertheless, if you want something that will not cost much money then you should consider creating your own using things like fallen tree logs, branches, leaves, rocks, and many other materials that are available in the area where you live. It is also important to ensure that the place where you will build your shelter is concealed from public view. This way, no one will be able to find it and use it for their purpose.

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Create a secret path

For you to have easy access whenever you need it, having a secret path can also prove beneficial in many ways. The best way to do this is by walking around the area where you live and looking for a spot that has dense vegetation. You can also check if there are any fallen trees, rocks, or debris near your house. This path should lead down to a clearing which will be used as your secret spot so it must have easy access from the main road.

  • Place a marker somewhere where you can see from your shelter

For you to be able to find your secret spot, you must place a marker that will help guide the way. This could be any object such as a figurine or even an arrow made using pieces of wood and rocks with painted tips. Make sure that this marker will stand out so you can easily spot it from a distance.

Clear the area where your shelter is located

This means that you should remove all plants and trees near where you are going to build your shelter. You may also choose to dig around this space as well, depending on what type of soil or ground there is. If the soil is loose, it may be better to dig a hole so you can create your shelter in this area. Once these steps are taken care of, all that remains for you to do is to build or buy your secret spot and enjoy its serenity.


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Make sure it’s safe

As much as possible, try to make sure that the shelter and secret spot you will build or choose is safe. This means that there should be no dangerous animals such as snakes, scorpions, spiders, and other insects in the vicinity of this place so they cannot harm you when you are there.

However, it is still important for your safety to ensure that you have a good supply of drinking water, food, and medicine in your shelter. This way, you can always eat when hungry or drink when thirsty without having to leave the safety of this spot. If there is a good source of running water near where you are building your secret spot then all the better because it will be easy for you to access whenever necessary.

Also, keep the area around your spot clean of trash, food scraps, and other debris so you can easily spot them when looking for your way back to the shelter. In addition, this area must be free from thieves and other people who may want to mess with you or destroy what you have built. Be sure not to leave any evidence of being there for others not to know where exactly your secret place is.

If your goal is to stay hidden from people or animals, don’t make yourself an easy target by building near any cliffs or rivers. You should also clean up around your home so there’s no trash lying around. Make sure food scraps aren’t attracting pests either. Bring with you on your journey all the supplies listed above including matches, bleach, toilet paper or soap if needed, and a water filter. Remember, just because you are far from the city doesn’t mean that you should no longer practice good hygiene. Happy hiding.


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