Living in a Small Space? Here are 8 Strategies to Make It Work

Whether you a staying in a smaller than normal apartment because you have to or it’s a dream you’ve had for the longest time. Small space living provides fantastic opportunities and unique challenges. From storage to design and other things, the normal rules are not applicable when it comes to tight compact spaces.

Just because you live in a small space does not mean you have to live with clutter all around and have miniature furniture everywhere. Use these strategies to change your small space into a livers dream, change it from disastrous to something very cozy with these amazing tips and tricks.


Streamline your furniture and other stuff

Small space living presents the perfect opportunity to reassess your possessions holistically and gives you the chance to remove any non-essentials that no longer serve you. These things could be old books, magazines or clothes you haven’t worn in a long time. Hanging on to things you no longer need will only make your small space untidy and cluttered. The more you reduce clutter, the less you’ll need to organize and store things away and also your space will feel more spacious too.

As you may be aware, the bigger your household size, the more difficult it can be to streamline it, but if you need to and can afford it, you should consider renting small storage to keep specific items like beach umbrellas, camping gear. This will cut down the storage pressure in your small apartment. If you’re wanting to find NYC Condos For Sale you’ll definitely need to keep a storage unit in mind.


Living in a Small Space? Here are 8 Strategies to Make It Work


Organization and order

While a few fortunate people appear to be born with natural organizational powers, this can be challenging for us with below-average abilities. Nonetheless, small spaces operate best when they’re really organized, so finding creative ways to bring order to your space is crucial.

For instance, you could go for a kitchen with open shelving to make your cooking space feel more spacious. Alternatively, you can loft your bed to expand your floor space. Make this old saying your governing principle “a place for everything and everything in its place.”


Living in a Small Space? Here are 8 Strategies to Make It Work


Keep it clean and tidy

When your square footage is tiny, eliminating three or two things can make your small space claustrophobic and messy.

The good part of this story is if you’ve minimized your stuff already and established a system to create order, keeping things clean and tidy will be much more simple and easier.

Also, the insta-clutter effect produced by others living in small spaces is a great inspiration to help pick yourself up. It serves as a great source of encouragement to clean after yourself to maintain a clean tidy environment in and around you.


Living in a Small Space? Here are 8 Strategies to Make It Work


Take advantage of color

Regardless of whether you own or rent a small living space, painting is one of the most affordable strategies you can use to drastically change the appearance of your space. Selecting lighter hues for your walls will create an airy ambiance and can make your surroundings feel larger. Contrary, a darker hue like black or brown can also be used to expand a space. Black walls for instance add depth to a room, which can develop the illusion of space.

When it comes to decorations, natural tones work best to visually expand all rooms. Drops of texture and color add interest but are very careful with loud patterns and large prints because they can dwarf your environment and make it feel a lot smaller.


embrace earth tones feng shui bedroom Living in a Small Space


Make smart design decisions 

Apart from color, your design decisions can have a huge influence on how you experience living in a small space. As a general rule, in your search is to look for furnishings that expand your home visually.

For instance, low-profile seating arrangements can create an impression of higher ceilings. Chairs, tables, and shelves in acrylic, mesh wire, and acrylic are visually lighter, and also open shelves usually look less bulky than standard cabinets. Adding upholstered furniture pieces that have slender legs exposed, will work to enlarge your space subtly.

And then another thing, break up the scale of your space by adding one or two large pieces to avoid developing a tiny dollhouse appearance.


Living in a Small Space? Here are 8 Strategies to Make It Work


Choose furniture that does double the work

Small space living demands furniture that serves many purposes or offers unprecedented storage space. By this we mean, you could use something as basic as a trunk as a coffee table. This will allow a big kitchen island to do double duty and also function as a dining table. In addition, fold-out desks and sleeper sofas are obvious and highly resourceful alternatives.


Living in a Small Space


Utilize vertical corners and space

In small living spaces, corners and walls are your new besties. Accommodate these “friends” by creating extra storage in the form of open shelving that can climb walls easily. Also begin to see corners as additional storage space that can keep bookshelves, a revolving closet, or even a tiny office setup. 


Living in a Small Space? Here are 8 Strategies to Make It Work


Use your creative juices with kitchen storage

When it comes to the kitchen, living in a small space can be challenging, more especially if you enjoy cooking using a mix of gadgets and tools. While streamlining your things in the kitchen is important, smart storage solutions will help maximize the potential of your kitchen space.

Trying out, over the door storage racks, drawer dividers, backsplash storage units, tilts out trash cans together with using DIY kitchen storage solutions can help give your kitchen a much-needed boost.


gallery bright kitchen block Living in a Small Space
(Image credit: Lisa Shin)

Take advantage of light

Another way to make your tiny living space feel larger is to maximize the amount of natural light coming in. Go for something airy and light, or if your apartment is private to your satisfaction, the thing about not putting window dressings all over except in the bedrooms.

If there aren’t enough windows, hang big, decorative mirror opposite a window to quadruple the effect of natural light.


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Welcome the elements of nature – the great outdoors

Whether you stay in the concrete jungle or live in the country, taking time to be outdoors can decrease the pressure of staying in a small space, particularly if you share that space with other individuals.

If you can, consider including decks and other outdoor “settings” to expand your living area properly, if you can’t do that, take a walk in the park or go for a jog. Although it won’t make your space bigger it will certainly help you make the most of your small living space once you get back to it.


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