Looking for D2C Wellness Products? Here are the Brands to Check Out

If you’re looking for D2C wellness products look no further. We’ve come up with some of the best D2C wellness brands for you to check out.


What does D2C stand for 

D2C is short for “direct-to-consumer”. This means that the company produces given products in their own facilities system, and also distributes these products within its channels. These channels may be social media, retail stores, or an e-commerce platform. D2C can work in almost any industry possible.

The main idea behind D2C production is to remove producers, resellers, and other companies that usually go in-between the brand and its final customer. This ultimately brings the company closer to its target audience, and also allows many added benefits that are otherwise absent in other models.

D2C benefits may depend on the type of industry behind it, but some of the following concepts are pretty much standard. These include more profit, gaining more access to customer data, more room for product testing, and higher personalization in the product range. For customers, this means quality products for a better price in terms of affordability. 

Popular D2C wellness brands

As previously mentioned, the D2C business model can be applied in almost every industry. Experience has shown that direct​-to-consumer brands in the wellness industry tend to implement this model more readily, especially in their formative years. Let’s review some of the best D2C wellness product brands to check out. Brands like WHOOP are one of the biggest D2C tech wellness brands today, averaging at over $1 billion net worth, while Wave Sleep is the leading D2C brand for in-home meditation.


WHOOP is one of the most popular D2C wellness tech brands today. This brand has proven to be a next-generation wearable that has met the demand for more intelligent, athlete-used wellness. The average net worth has been estimated at $1.2 billion.

WHOOP provides its users with round-the-clock health monitoring across many aspects such as sleep, recovery, fitness, strain, and more, for only $30 per month. They were originally conceived as a product for professional athletes but have evolved into a consumer brand over time since they saw the opportunity to fill a gap in the market, and to take their consumers’ everyday health to new levels.

Wave Sleep 

Wave sleep, formerly known as Wave Meditation is the result of two people – Mason Levey and Brad Warsh. It was launched in 2018, to answer consumer demand for an in-home meditation that is more culturally driven. This has proven to be quite successful after more than two years of operating as an immersive meditation startup when they decided to shift their focus.

According to the brand they have found that the world needs help falling asleep, staying asleep, and maintaining healthy sleeping habits overall, which has been made possible through extensive feedback, client discussions, and data collection, all of which the D2C model has made possible.


 D2C Wellness Products


D2C brands leading with services

Some of the first D2C wellness brands have focused on physical health – fitness, beauty, and spas. Many of these brands combine health services in-store with products to take home so the customers’ wellness lifestyle can be supported. We’ll discuss some of the leading D2C wellness brands that offer these kinds of services in detail. 

Dry Bar

Retailer Dry Bar is among the leading D2C wellness brands that offer services. To be more specific they offer premium styling services as well as blow-drying services in more than 70 salons. In addition to this, Dry Bar offers branded products online, in each of these ships, as well as with partners such as Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s.

The ultimate goal behind this is that customers can maintain their new looks even from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, customers can also view videos that give them professional blow-dry styling tips which can all be found on the Dry Bar’s website.


Similar to DryBar, Heyday brands the same simplified and stripped-down approach but to beauty facials. Since a big part of a wellness routine involves beauty face treatment, they have done their homework well and now offer a wide array of customized facial services. These services include a walk-in or a monthly subscription plan.

\Heyday salons also offer a specially curated, bulti-brand range of products that can be bought in-store. There are currently 5 locations in New York City, but the market shares indicate that their concept is poised to grow nationwide just like Dry Bar did.

These are some of the best D2C wellness brands out there. Ultimately, there are specialized websites that have all the high-ranked D2C brands, including ones from the wellness industry which can certainly help in your search. 

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