Lost Your Keys? Re-key the Lock!

There’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling one gets when one loses their keys or gets locked out. If you can’t find the keys, and no one is there to open the door, the best thing to do is to call a locksmith.

After losing their keys, many wonder whether it’s necessary to change the locks. It’s common for people to worry that someone will find their keys and use them to gain unauthorized access to a home or vehicle. Here, we will list a few reasons to find someone who should re-key your car and home.


Losing a Keyring

If your keys are lost, no matter where they may be, re-keying is essential. It’s impossible to tell if they were lost or stolen, and you’ll still be at risk even if they’re found later. Consider your safety and protect your belongings by re-keying your home and car after losing a keyring.

Buying a Newly Built Home

For those who buy new homes, it’s easy to assume that unauthorized access isn’t a concern—but that’s not the case. Unscrupulous builders sometimes key homes alike, and it’s often necessary to give out keys during the construction process. For greater peace of mind, consider re-keying the locks after moving in.

Moving Into an Existing Home or Buying an Old Car

The previous owner of a home or vehicle may have given the keys to a friend, neighbor, or family member, or they could have kept a spare key for themselves. There’s no way to tell how many copies are out there, and re-keying is the only way to keep previous owners from gaining access to your property.

If Someone Moves Out

If a spouse, significant other, relative, or roommate leaves the home permanently, it’s best to re-key the house and all vehicles. Any person who had keys, even for a day or two, could have made copies at any home improvement or hardware store. An unhappy roommate or spiteful ex-spouse isn’t someone you want having a key to your home or car!

When Re-keying Isn’t Necessary

If keys are misplaced far from home and there’s no way to tie them to a specific person or home, there’s no need to re-key or change the locks. After all, there’s almost no chance that a person finding the keys would figure out where the owner lives.

When It’s Vital

If you’ve lost a set of keys along with something that contains identifying information, the chances of a home invasion or auto burglary increase. For instance, if your handbag is stolen with your wallet and keys inside, anyone finding it will know where your home and car are. Call a locksmith who can re-key the locks and reduce the risk.

We’re Here to Help Those Who Lose Their Keys

At Action Lock Doc, we’re here to help when emergencies arise. Whether you’re locked out of the house, can’t find your car keys, or simply need locks re-keyed, we are ready to make things right. We’ll get you back into your home and car while re-keying or changing the locks if needed. We serve homeowners and business owners all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and we’d like to help you, too. Request service via our online form or call us today.


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