List of Plants That Look Like Roses and Ideal For Small Spaces

Rose flower is a classic flower. Roses play an iconic role in celebrations, especially romantic ones. Most commonly bought by people for valentine’s day, anniversaries, bouquets, and wedding decorations the flower is known as a staple of romance in the whole world as it is known to express romantic feelings.

So, the floral industry has been breeding rose flower plants because of such high demand. Not only are flowers good for sending to your loved ones, but they look great when added to your place. Commonly grown in gardens, roses are the highlight of any space; so it is a popular choice for gardens and balconies as well. Love roses? Keep reading for a list of plants that look like roses and ideal for small spaces.

Everyone likes having roses at their place because of their unique appearance and the amazing scent that they spread in the whole place. But before you buy rose plants for your space, you should know that there are various requirements for this plant to survive.

The most important one is the spacing. This plant needs an adequate amount of space to grow and it is quite understandable that not everyone has a big yard. But that certainly doesn’t mean that you can not have a beautiful planting area with pretty flowering plants.

Plants That Looks Like Roses


Luckily, plant breeders have come up with a wide variety of plants that give out flowers that resemble a rose flower. Yes, there are some flowers that look like roses and will take up less space in your garden or your landscape. I have a list of plants that you can buy if you love roses as they look like one. Also, if anyone out there wants to take a break from the typical roses, you can buy plants online that are their look alike.

Red drift rose

Roses are available in so many colors, so the flowers I’m going to mention come in many different colors. The first flower you can consider planting is a plant known as red drift. If you are someone who is more drawn towards the red, then this one’s for you.

The flower of this plant is technically deep pink colored which still conveys the look of the classic red rose. You will love this flower and its amazing color. About the height, the plant grows up to the height of 1.5 inches and 2.5 inches wide, which means a compatible flowering plant that, will leave enough room for its fellow plants that you may want to add. Good choice of roses to save up space.

Carnation plant

Another layered flower that will give you the same rose effect as a rose are the carnations. Carnation blossoms look truly like roses. Furthermore, with their pretty frilly petals, they look very sentimental in a bouquet. This is similarly also, in light of the fact that carnations represent satisfaction and love! Also, they’ve been utilized since Ancient Greek occasions like a festival blossom.

We love pink carnations and white carnations the most, so pay special attention to them in our flower bundles. One additional quality of this plant is that it is a winter plant. Since the choice of plants in winters is limited, this beautiful flowering plant can be a highlight of your garden.

Ranunculus plant

Ranunculus is a very outrageous plant that is so beautiful for literally any place, be it small or big. Nothing makes individuals more joyful than delightful, enduring cut blossoms, which is actually why flower specialists worship Ranunculus! Valued for their splendidly shaded, unsettled petals and long container life, these splendid knickers stand tall on straight stems and produce numerous blossoms per bulb.

Our Ranunculus are filled in the popular Carlsbad Flower Fields, and all the approach is for a lot of daylight, rich soil, and light watering. In case you’re a devotee of spring blossoms and might want to add more tone and structure to your nursery, at that point read on to find how simple it very well may be with Ranunculus! So, order indoor plants online when you want to beautify your spot.

Oso Easy Italian ice rose

This is a Rose you won’t fail to remember. It is staggeringly simple to develop and delivers a bounty of blossoms the entire season. It is an illness-safe and self-cleaning assortment. It makes certain to be a top pick and will fit in a place you choose to plant it. The Oso Easy Italian Ice Rose flaunts 25 to thirty petals for every blossom. The green foliage frames a flawless propensity that assists this with planting fit in anyplace.

The blossoms this rose produces are delicate in shading. With pink and orange edges that mix well with its yellow places. The blossoming season for the Oso Easy Italian Ice Rose is ceaseless throughout the mid-year. There is no deficiency of sprouts with this one. It has a spread and stature of eighteen to thirty inches.

This deciduous is an incredible expansion to your scene planting. It is additionally a top choice for holders and cherished for its cut blossoms. These are some other varieties of rose-like-looking flowers that you can plant at your home.


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