Luxury Catamaran – Open for All

Many people in this world like an adventure in their life. A catamaran ride can thus be one of the most adventurous activities for those people. Basically, a catamaran is a small boat with a hull on its deck. This hull is the main component to make it sail. Therefore in modern days, several technological, as well as scientific innovations have changed the appearance of these boats.

They have now become the medium of adventure rides which previously used to be one of the main vehicles of adventure sports. The good news here is that a catamaran that is universally accessible is going to sail into the local waterfront from July 24th. This vessel was designed and made by Mike Browne. He is a person with paralysis and he dreamt of such a boat that could be operated by a person with disabilities.


Luxury Catamaran - Open for All


This catamaran was fully designed to create the perfect boat in such a way that it can facilitate people with disabilities. The pilot of this boat himself is a person who needs a wheelchair as support. On the other hand, this boat will provide the disabled with a ride for two hours into the sea.

Since the ship rides are very good for the development of mind and keep it free, the specially-abled people will get some time to spend with themselves. The ship is designed in such a way that the passengers will be able to get to any portion of the boat on their wheelchairs. The crews on this are also experienced but they are also with disabilities. The designer of the catamaran has named the boat Impossible Dream.

It has also traveled through the Atlantic as well as the Mediterranean sea so far. Brown was in search of such a company or organization which will be able to take the responsibilities of the boat and will continue the mission to take the disabled people for a ride through the waters.

Finally, after some search work, he joined hands with Deborah Mellen. This woman was also suffering from similar conditions as Brown was facing and she was a volunteer at shake a leg Miami. She also got interested in this project and finally, she funded the acquisition.

Nowadays, the base of Impossible Dream is at Shake a Leg Miami and it has been among those catamarans which can be accessed by most of the people in the world. It is still continuing its journey through the sea waters with the people with disabilities as well as with their families. Here they are enjoying life like never before.

They are also providing inspiration where they can assist disabled people to improve their quality of life. These rides also work as tonics for these kinds of people to think of their life in a new way. Alan Gamble, a local boater, has joined hands with Mellen to bring the boat to Newburyport. He has announced a party from 3 to 6 pm on July 25th to celebrate the success.

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