Luxury Property and Gastronomy of Mijas

Mijas is one of the most beautiful white settlements on the Costa del Sol. With amazing views of the Costa del Sol, which stretches from Benalmadena in the east to Gibraltar in the west, the community is positioned high on a hilltop. On a clear day, one can even see the Moroccan mountains’ outlines.

Mijas, which lies distant from the ocean, offers a large selection of eateries, including traditional, authentic Spanish eateries and restaurants serving cuisine worldwide. Every day, fresh fish is brought in from the coast.

Additionally, many eateries in La Cala de Mijas or Mijas Costa provide breathtaking views of the Mediterranean from the dining room table. As you buy luxury property for sale Mijas and take in the crisp sea breeze, you can expect wonderful, fresh fish, shellfish, and delectable tapas meals.

Many excellent eateries between the town and the shore may be found, particularly along the route that links Mijas and the Mijas Costa.


Koco Bistró

A popular dining establishment with excellent food and good service. Additionally, it serves additional handmade meals and special tapas.

Enrique’s Restaurant

The food at Enrique’s restaurant combines Italian and Moroccan flavors. When the weather is good, the restaurant’s patio is great for soaking up the warmth of the Costa del Sol.

La Alcazaba Restaurant

Since 1996, La Alcazaba has served as the gold standard for international cuisine in the whole province of Malaga. It is situated in the heart of Mijas and has three rooms as well as a patio, all of which have a warm and welcoming ambiance.


A distinctive and unusual eatery in the heart of Mijas that provides a wide selection of expertly cooked food, prompt service, and a welcoming environment.

El Capricho

El Capricho is a reasonably priced eatery that provides beautifully-presented foreign food and some traditional Spanish dishes in the center of Mijas. The restaurant also boasts a lovely outside deck.

La Alcazar

This Moorish-style restaurant serves classic Spanish fare, including a variety of meat dishes and fish and shellfish dishes. It has breathtaking views and excellent service.


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