Major Risks of Brad Nailer & How to Stay Safe While Using One

If you want to be a professional woodworker or interested in doing your home repairing tasks yourself, you must have to buy some tools that are needed every single day in your life. Brad nailer is one of those crucial power tools. Brad nailer is a very effective tool for making your work easy and efficient. People normally used the hammer for nailing at a time but won’t get that much comfortability. Brad nailer allows for nailing in a very short time and also with great ease. But, there are some safety issues regarding the brad nailer. Today, we will elaborately talk about the major risks of brad nailer and how you can stay safe while using one.


Major risks regarding Brad Nailer

  • Brad nailer is a very powerful tool that has the capacity of driving the nails at 150 feet distance and also in a very minimum time. This much power is sufficient for breaking your bone or making serious injury to your hands and other body parts. That’s why brad nailers are considered quite dangerous tools.
  • If you are working with an automatic brad nailer, you may know that there is a chance of double fire. Double fire happens when you don’t move your finger from the trigger and unintentionally press the button. If such a thing happens, the brad nailer will nail twice that is totally unplanned. In this way, your stuff will be damaged. At the same time, you also can get injured with the nail if you are on its way.
  • When you are working with a hard place to nail, it frequently happens that the nail gets slipped and changes its direction. At this time, the speed of the nail remains high. So, it can heat you with great force and make you injured.
  • Brad nailers create many vibrations. Sometimes, this vibration can be a very big problem, especially when you are working above your shoulder. It will create fatigue in your hands and shoulder.
  • Working with a brad nailer means dealing in an environment full of noise. This is okay for occasional activities. But, when you are working with it for a long time, it can be seriously alarming for your ear and shearing capacity.
  • Brad nailer is extremely powerful and it drills anything on its way. If you use it in the wrong place full of necessary stuff, it will definitely ruin your stuff.


Risks of Brad Nailer


Safety Measures for Brad Nailers

  • There are two types of nailers with automatic trigger and sequential trigger. An automatic trigger shoots two nails at a time. You should use a sequential trigger as it shoots a single nail. In this way, you can avoid unexpected nailing in the wrong place and sometimes in your hands.
  • You should keep away your finger from the trigger at all when you are not working the nailer. In this way, you won’t experience sudden and unwanted nailing.
  • You should make sure that any of your body parts won’t come in the way of a brad nailer. You should be careful enough before starting your job.
  • To get rid of hand and shoulder fatigue, you shouldn’t use the nailer continuously. You should take breaks for some time after using this tool.
  • You should wear earplugs or ear mugs to save your ear from loud noise.
  • You should do the regular maintenance of the brad nailer. Every power tool requires minimum maintenance for running smoothly and the brad nailer is not a different one.



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