Make Halloween Fun With These Couples And Group Costumes

Every Halloween, we call our friends up and ask the same question, ‘What are you going to wear?’ And days are spent brainstorming and later, hunting for the perfect costume, wig, and makeup. Are you searching for the perfect couples and group costumes? You’ve come to the right place!

The result is: we dress up as a lone superhero or as a bloodthirsty vampire in the pool of other characters. We float around in the party, with the mumbo-jumbo of characters that somehow seem to belong to the same world.

We remember the fun we have with friends, the time we spend with them, and the amount of effort we took to dress up! We take back home a few hundred pictures on our phones (which are all the same) with Joker and Batman arm in arm, a vampire, and a werewolf hugging each other!

What if, for this Halloween, you planned costumes with your friends and be the cool gang that stands out at the party in their kick-ass costumes? 

We have picked out some fantastic options for you to choose from!

  • Bring to Life the Trolls’ Gang

In 2016, while watching The Trolls, I imagined myself dressed up as Branch (adorned with the grumpiness, of course), and my girlfriend as Poppy. And then, forgot all about it. A few days before Halloween, we went with the regular superhero costume since that’s readily available!

If you love movie Halloween costumes and the Troll’s gang as much as I do, but do not know where to look for apparel and wigs, go no further! Your gang of friends is in luck with a variety of Trolls Halloween costumes for everyone!

For the brave and cheerful lady in your group, Nunique has Poppy’s neon pink wig with a green crown and beautifully woven blue flowers. 

The regal male of the gang can go for the Troll King’s vest and pants costume, along with the tall pink hair and matching fierce eyebrows! I think this is the cutest of all looks.

There’s no one who doesn’t love Grandma Rosiepuff and her gorgeous blue hair. You can quickly transform yourself to belong to the Troll world with the perfect blue and white wig!

And the best wig of them all? Satin and Chenille’s Pastel Multicolor Wig! It is unique, and if you have twins in your gang, it will make sure all eyes follow your group of friends!

All the wigs are easy to maintain – wash it with a mild shampoo and cold water. Avoid applying heat to them. Brush them regularly, and you’re good to go!


Couples And Group Costumes


  • Dress up as Jolly Mr. and Mrs. Claus

I adore couples who work on creating Halloween looks together- from picking what characters to dress up as, weighing their options between scary Halloween costumesand celebrity Halloween costumes. And then finally, arriving in the perfect couples costume that tells their friends who they are: Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

If you are the couple who are the Mr. and Mrs. Claus of their group: always helpful, enjoy gifting stuff to their friends, and are super jolly, it’s only apt for you to dress up like that!

The Santa Claus Costume is available in various sizes, with and without the wig. Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas, this costume is everything you’d need to stand out. It is sure to brighten up the Halloween party!

The Mrs. Claus costume, too, is available in different sizes. You can easily choose a wig to pair it with, from a variety of those available at Nunique. The design is a brilliant combo of sexy and classy and will flatter women of all ages!

  • The World of 18th Century Courtroom

This Halloween, turn back time to the 18th century and bring in the aristocratic style with historical costumes.

It would be so much fun for you and your group of lawyer friends to dress up as 18th-century lawmen! Even if you aren’t lawyers but have always wondered how you’d look in those judge and barrister wigs, this is the best opportunity to find out!

And the highlight is: no one’s going to judge you. Walk-in with the austerity of the judge,  a gavel, and you’ll have eyes following you until the end of the party! 

Nunique has a variety of wigs to choose from: loose shoulder-length period curls, shoulder-length periwig curls, Barrister curly pigtails, and the British lawyer wig in white.

Each wig has unique colors and fits all head types. They are easy to maintain – just wash with a mild shampoo and cold water. They are non-heat resistant. Hence, it is advisable to avoid hot appliances.

It has become hassle-free to prep for Halloween night with these super easy Halloween costumes that are original, special, and add a lot of fun to the party. Anything that you do with your friends or with your partner becomes doubly entertaining and enjoyable. 

Festivals are fun only when you are celebrating them together! Why not be together in the planning and in dressing up, too?


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