Make Space: 6 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Whether you have a cramped shower room or a compact ensuite, getting ready in a small bathroom is far from luxurious or efficient.

But don’t throw in the towel just yet! It’s a lot easier than you think to get the at-home spa experience you’ve been dreaming of. All you need is a strategic small bathroom design to make the most of your existing space.

In need of some small bathroom remodel ideas? Keep reading to learn more!


1. Make it Light and Bright

Color is one of the most important considerations for your small bathroom redesign. Light, bright shades can make even the tightest spaces feel bigger.

To avoid a clinical feel, skip white in favor of a neutral palette of creams and beiges. And, if your bathroom is already the right color but your tiles and grout aren’t as sparkling as they could be.

2. Add a Shower Niche

Small bathroom designs with a shower and no bath often afford you a little more of a budget to play around with luxurious details such as a tiled shower niche.

Not only do these alcoves look chic and considered, but they’re also handy for keeping all your potions and products within easy reach. Plus, unlike shower caddies, chic tiled niches won’t rot, rust, or get covered in soap slime.


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3. Cut Corners

No, we’re not advising that you cut corners by DIYing these small bathroom remodel ideas. We’re talking about cutting across a dead corner with a triangular vanity sink unit.

Not only will this change make better use of an awkward corner, but you can also wave goodbye to the bruises you used to get from bumping into the sharp vanity corner!

4. Hang an Oversized Mirror

Hanging a large mirror on the wall is a fast and easy small bathroom redesign trick. Even if your bathroom has limited natural light, combining an oversized, frameless mirror with a neutral color scheme creates the illusion of a larger, brighter room.

5. Consider a Bath-Shower Combo

Small bathroom ideas with a shower only suit some households.

If this is your only bathroom or your other bathroom is even tinier, keeping a small tub with a shower function makes bathing children a lot easier. Plus, you can enjoy the health benefits of a long soak too!


Small Bathroom Design Ideas


6. Install a Sliding Door

A bathroom door that opens inward can waste floor space and limit your bathroom layout plans. After all, a swinging door that collides with the sink or toilet whenever you enter is hardly ideal.

Solve both issues in one by installing a sliding door. Since it slides into a wall cavity, this update will save a lot of floor space and allow you more scope for layout designs.


Space-Saving Small Bathroom Design Ideas

As these small bathroom design ideas show, it’s easier than you think to give the tightest spaces a luxurious update.

With some strategic planning and smart styling, your smallest room can finally become the self-care shrine you’ve always longed for.

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