Make Your Statement: Choosing Your Favorite Fashion Accessories

Everyone in the world has got their best feature that stands out among the crowd – it could be their face, legs, shoulders, or buttocks, it doesn’t matter. There is always something that is unique and beautiful about everyone. These features that make you stand out should be accentuated with the right modern fashion accessories and clothes. You must feel free to play around when choosing your favorite fashion accessories of different styles, garnishes, embellishments, edgy details, and other fun additions to see how it fits your look and where the experimenting takes you.

Perhaps you may find your own unique look that gives your personality a lot more depth and beauty, or perhaps you may end up looking like a clown. Regardless, you would surely enjoy the process.

Here are some guidelines and tips that can help you shop online for the right fashion accessories.


1. Do not go overboard with accessories

When you buy fashion accessories don’t ever overdo it to the point of you looking like a try-hard, there’s nothing more repulsive. Always keep in mind that subtlety is key when you choose fashion accessories.

It is very important that you learn to manage your clothes and the modern fashion accessories that you buy. Here’s a good rule of thumb: do not wear any more than 3 or 4 large accessories at a time and keep in mind that they should match each other as well as the outfit in terms of its color, material, and overall style as well.


Make Your Statement: Choosing Your Favorite Fashion Accessories


2. It isn’t necessary to wear a full set of jewelry

If you buy a full set of fashion accessories online that may be larger in the size you might feel inclined to wear the entire set together. However, according to a lot of international stylists, wearing a matching set of fashion accessories from shopping sites such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. that are large in size can be a bit too much.

But if the size of the fashion accessories from shopping sites is small then it might make sense to wear them together since it may give you quite an elegant look.


Make Your Statement: Choosing Your Favorite Fashion Accessories


3. Choose the right watch with your evening dress

Wristwatches are considered to be more inclined towards the urban, sporty, and business style. There are a lot of stylists that suggest wearing a watch on an evening gown is virtually impossible, which is true sometimes, but not in all cases – especially if you choose the right timepiece that compliments your evening dress or gown in an elegant way.

The best way to pull off the look with a watch is to keep it very subtle by wearing a small watch that preferably matches the jewelry that you are wearing.


Make Your Statement: Choosing Your Favorite Fashion Accessories


4. Wear large rings only if they suit you

When you shop online for fashion accessories, make sure that you keep in mind that large and thick rings do not look very good on short fingers and if you are someone with thin fingers then this might visually increase the appearance of its length a lot more.

It is best to stick to thin and small finger rings if you are looking for an elegant look, but if you are looking for a sport or a street look then you may consider wearing a larger ring, but do so only if you have big fingers.


Make Your Statement: Choosing Your Favorite Fashion Accessories


5. Don’t wear a scarf if you have a large collar coat

You don’t actually need a large scarf for your outfit if you are wearing a coat that already has a large collar, doing so can ruin the essence of your outfit. If you really wanna wear something over your large collared coat, then consider wearing a light kerchief or a bandana on your neck and keep it underneath the coat for the best appearance with your fashion accessories.


Make Your Statement: Choosing Your Favorite Fashion Accessories


6. Do not match your handbag with your shoes if it is a bright color

This is quite common, where a huge number of people make a lot of errors while choosing their fashion accessories in their judgment and end up looking way too extravagant. Take note that it isn’t compulsory to match your handbag with your shoes all the time, especially if it is a bright color that you are going for; such as orange, green, yellow, or red.

If you are wearing shoes that are very bright, then it is a much better idea to sport a handbag that has a contrasting light tone to it. The best time when you should match your handbag to your shoes is when you are wearing dark colors such as black, burgundy, etc. Matching dark colors with your handbag and shoes is much more elegant.

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7. Either wear bright color clothes or large accessories, don’t do both

As mentioned above, accessories are meant to enhance the look of the outfit that you are wearing. When you choose to wear large accessories with bright-colored clothes, you are grabbing a lot of attention both to the clothes and to the accessories, which ends up looking way too extra.

When you are working on enhancing your style with accessories, you must first know precisely what kind of effect you want them to achieve. You can either make the clothes, accessories, or makeup the most eye-catching part of your style, but do not try to make all of them equally eye-catching, it may just end up looking absurd.


Woman Motivational Quote Facebook Post 9 Favorite Fashion Accessories


8. Match your gloves with one other feature of your outfit

If you decide to sport some gloves during winter or during some activity that you are doing, then you have a great chance to show your inner fashion stylist. A great way that you can determine what color of gloves you should wear is by taking a good look at the rest of your outfit. As a general rule, the gloves that you wear must match at least one other feature of your overall outfit.


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