Make Your Tenants Comfortable with these Tried and Tested Tips!

Oakland is a place full of highly skilled professionals. As the population here is growing at a rapid pace, the rental demand and prices are also growing here. With an average rental income of 3030 US dollars and a cap rate of approximately 4.8%, people have the excellent opportunity to get the best return at this place. Isn’t it a great thing? 

Now imagine this. You want to welcome your tenants in the best possible way so that they take care of your property the way you would have. A clean place, availability of the few essentials are some of the examples that attract them. So how can you ensure they feel welcomed? Let us find out!


A clean place is a happy place

A clean place is a happy place, isn’t it? You can instigate this worry-free feeling by ensuring that the place is properly cleaned before they come in. It is best to ensure the deep cleaning of the whole apartment. Doing so will allow you to take care of a variety of issues.

For instance plumbing issues, or problems related to cabinets and the closets. But what are the reasons to make the place spotless? It is due to the fact that when your renter sees that the property is sparkling, they feel a sense of belongingness.

An outline of the local area

An outline of the local area is beneficial even if the occupant is in the same town. How can you help? Mention the areas like grocery stores, public transportation spots, health care facilities, and others essentials.

Moreover, as per property management Oakland, California, an occupant should feel as if they are stepping into their own house. And that’s only possible if they feel things are falling in place easily.


Make Your Tenants Comfortable


Provide information about the utilities

You know that a new renter is entering your property, right? So providing them with the information of local utilities prior to a week of moving in is actually a good idea. Whenever they move in, they can call these services if they face any issues. This will make the process easier for them.

Include a few essentials 

In most cases, occupants forget the essential things while moving out as it is a stressful process. So in this case, providing few essentials to the tenants can boost them. You can provide them with essentials like toilet paper, disposable glasses, and plates etc. Further, giving them water bottles, lemonades, nuts, etc can refresh them. This can be a fantastic experience for them. Therefore, welcome them with this kit of essentials.

Wrapping it up

When you welcome someone wholeheartedly, you feel relief. At the same time, they also feel happy. Hence, by loading the tenants with the above-mentioned things as a splendid welcome package, you can kick-start your relationship with them on a good note. With this, not only will they experience a home-like feel, but you will also feel good to deliver the best services. So what are you waiting for? It is time to welcome them!




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