Maxims to Keep your Bathroom Toasty Warm: Bathroom Tips

With the temperatures dropping, touching your feet to the icy-cold tiles can be heart-wrenching. The dangerously low temperatures make your escape from your cozy quilt almost next to impossible. Everyone wants to take delight in warmth on frosty winter mornings. Looking for ways to keep your bathroom warm? Hygge is a popular trend that often strikes up our minds at this time of the year. And, this Danish trend is hard, to sum up in a word. It is all about the feeling of contentment, and coziness.

Now that you’re thinking of warmth, two things come to our minds. It is both the actual temperature and the maxims to make our home space cozy and cheerful. But wait, are these spaces constrained to only our bedrooms and living rooms? Correct me if you’re one of the people who neglect to warm up their bathrooms. Yes, bathrooms are one such places that don’t occur to us when we think of warmth. Well, if you’re looking out to cozy up your bathroom, thank me later when I unveil some of these. Let’s get going with some great bathroom-warming ideas:


Keep Your Bathroom Warm


  • Pre-Warm your Towels

Taking delight in warm bathroom towels is possible, and there are many ways of doing so. You can throw your bath towels in a hot radiator or a clothes dryer. Investing in a towel warmer is another practical method. It seeks in performing double duty- both as a room heater and a towel warmer. You can make use of a freestanding model, which you can plug into an electrical outlet. Another version is the wall-mounted one for which you require a hard-wire into your home electrical system.

  • Invest in an Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is an ideal and upgraded option than a traditional one. The modern fireplace installs on the bathroom wall with much ease. The best thing is that the electric fireplace heater doesn’t require heavy lifting and all you’ve to do is make a little effort to light the fire. It also works in warming up your room with zone heating. These do not produce carbon monoxide and are an astray option from the smoke and fire concerns. The modern high-tech alternatives make use of holographic projections. A great way of having a cozy shower!

  • Unlock the Heat Vents

You surely cannot fill up a bucket when there are holes in it. So why are you trying to heat the bathroom when you have drafty window gaps. The experts recommend insulating the windows with a silicone caulk that comes into use for weatherizing. Know that your main goal is filling up the window frame holes and gaps. Also, ensure nothing is restraining your bathroom’s heating source.

  • Employ plants

The interior design experts are all pro for plants in making your bathroom cozier. They say so because the plants work wonders in releasing moisture into the air. The humidity increases, which in turn helps to make the room warmer. Nature’s dose of warmth, isn’t it?

The Bottom Line

Covering the bathroom floor, adding rugs, changing the bathroom color scheme are a few of the many tips for warming your bathroom. You can also contact a plumbing expert, and see what he can do to make your bathroom cozier. I’m sure these tips will aid in experiencing a warm shower!


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