Mole removal – Best Techniques to Erase Moles

Last updated on May 11th, 2022

Moles and warts are skin lesions that can erupt from birth or appear throughout life. Although they are not a serious health problem, they can mutate due, for example, to sun exposure, which can lead to other serious pathologies. For this reason, many people view cosmetic mole removal as the solution.


laser mole removal, mole removal scar
Mole – Brown mole


Are moles the same thing as warts?

Oftentimes we confuse moles with warts. But why is it necessary to know the differences between the two? Well, knowing how to identify them puts you in a better position for the early detection of skin abnormalities. And, this is something necessary to be able to avoid skin cancer.

The common mole is a small dome-shaped lump, which appears on the skin. It is 5mm wide. Typically, it is oval or round and has a smooth surface and a sharp edge. It is usually pink, brown, and tan and can appear at any time in life, although some people are born with them.

Moles of light-skinned people are pink while those of dark-skinned people are tan. It has also been proven that those with light hair and skin have more moles than those with dark hair and skin.

On the other side, warts are skin lesions caused by the human papillomavirus. Their shape is variable, and they are generally more visible than moles. They are deep, so they can affect several layers of the skin. So, removing them is not so easy.

They could cause heavy bleeding under an improper medical procedure. Wart removal could also cause pain because the wart involves nerve endings.

The warts growth is related to an immune system failure. Depending on the serotype, the virus could affect different areas of the body like hands, face, neck, feet, armpits, and genitals. Sometimes, they shed on their own or disappear spontaneously.


mole removal on face, mole removal price
Mole removal procedure


When to see a doctor for mole removal

Go to the dermatologist if:

  • The mole is flat and big
  • The mole is not round or oval
  • It has a poorly defined edge

The doctor will make a diagnosis and indicate the studies to carry out. This advice is even more relevant if more moles appear on other parts of the body. Also, do so if their appearance changes dramatically.


flat mole removal, cosmetic mole removal
Dermatologist removing an eyebrow mole with laser


Mole removal techniques

Moles are a genetic condition inherited by the family that begins to manifest itself from childhood or early adulthood, and with the passage of time, it changes significantly. There are moles that are a symbol of beauty and attractiveness, while others are totally the opposite.

The following mole removal scar methods are the most appropriate options to solve this discomfort without leaving lesions or marks on the skin. Dermavel can also help you remove moles with a special tool that uses plasma.


Conventional surgery is one of the most common methods for mole removal. It is a simple procedure that uses local anesthesia, in which the mole is cut or cauterized with an electric scalpel.

Conventional surgery is applied in cases in which the patient suspects that his mole is not benign and wants to send it to a pathology analysis to identify if there are cancer cells. After the results, the specialist proceeds to remove the mole, making a small cut in the area where it is. This procedure is safe but scars the skin.


In this case, liquid nitrogen is the anesthesia. It is usually used on more bulky moles or warts that are extracted for laboratory analysis.


The use of laser in surgery to remove moles is a new and less invasive method. The use of anesthesia is generally not required in this case and no scars remain following the procedure.

Specialists use co2 laser mole removal to vaporize the tissue and the mole, eliminating it completely. Before the procedure, an anesthetic cream may be applied to numb the area. The laser technique is a safe, effective procedure, which has no risk of leaving a scar on the skin.

Mole removal without scar eliminates benign skin lesions such as syringomas, sebaceous hyperplasias, cysts, and seborrheic keratoses, to name a few, without scarring the face.


laser mole removal, mole removal scar
Laser is considered the most efficient method to remove moles


Benefits of removing warts and moles with laser

Compared to more traditional surgical techniques or other removal methods, using lasers to remove moles comes with a number of benefits:

  • It is less invasive.
  • Anesthesia is not normally needed for the procedure. Occasionally, if the injury is large, or many sessions are required, local anesthesia may be required.
  • The duration of the session is only half an hour.
  • Laser mole removal does not leave scars in the treated area.
  • In most cases, only one session is necessary. Sometimes it may be necessary to repeat it to do some touch-ups.
  • The scab created during the procedure falls off in about a week. After that, it will be necessary to use an antibiotic cream to prevent infections in the wound.

As a bonus, laser mole removal can be combined with other aesthetic treatments to improve skin appearance.


laser mole removal, mole removal scar
Laser eliminating moles


Mole removal cost

The price to remove moles depends on the number of moles and the technique selected by the specialist, who should give you an estimate according to your case. The mole removal price ranges from 150 to 1500 USD.

Stains should always be cleaned before being removed. Naturally, scars are permanent but in many cases, they can be treated and their appearance can improve. The treatment cost varies depending on the characteristics of the mole, but it won’t surpass 1000 USD. It is always important to consult a dermatologist in case of any skin abnormality.


mole removal on face, mole removal price
Cosmetic mole removal can cost €250


To wrap up, it is recommended to go to the dermatologist once a year for a routine check-up. He will check your face, feet, and hands. You must be very careful when a mole is very black or bicolor, or when it gets bigger or suffers trauma.

Fair skin is more likely to suffer from melanoma, as well as people with a family history. Having a mole in an inappropriate place can generate a complex or nuisance. However, science has the solution.

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