Montessori Floor Bed – Reasons To Get One

The Montessori floor bed is an alternative educational method with excellent learning results based on fostering the curiosity of boys and girls regardless of age. A Montessori room is one that cares for and promotes the child’s autonomy. We’ll see how to get a floor bed of this type and why it is good for toddlers.

A Montessori floor bed has to be structured in such a way that the child grows by experimenting and learning how to take care of himself very quickly.


montessori floor bed montessori floor bed with rails, montessori house bed
Montessori floor bed


What is an IKEA Montessori bed?

At Ikea, they consider that comfort is not the only important feature in mattresses for children. They must also cover all your needs for many years (we already know that sometimes there are accidents). Ikea mattresses for a children’s bedroom are breathable and stress-relieving, their covers are removable and can be washed in the washing machine.

A Montessori floor bed Ikea is that we can do without bars. Traditional beds for kids are rarely aesthetic and cost more to customize. If you are worried about your baby’s safety, there are some models of small beds that, due to their shape, are safer against falls.

There is a sort of Montessori floor bed with rails on Amazon that looks like a sled, so when the child is lying down, the upper part of the body will be between both sides and will not fall. And even if he falls, the blow will be small. A Montessori floor bed lasts more or less until the child is 8 years old. Normally, these beds must use 70 × 140 cm mattresses, or at best, be a Montessori twin bed.


montessori bed ikea, montessori floor bed ikea, diy montessori bed, montessori twin bed
This is how a toddler Montessori bed frame looks


Montessori beds instead of cribs

Montessori rooms do not use cribs or beds with bars, which generally prompt the child to be dependent on adults and make it harder to move around. Beds in Montessori rooms are set flush with the floor so that the toddler can lie down and get up without the aid of an adult.

The main advantage of this type of bed is the fact that the child becomes more autonomous, and the chances of falling are lower. In addition to that, it helps the spine and circulation.


montessori floor bed montessori floor bed with rails, montessori house bed
The toddler feels freer to play and move than in a crib


Why a Montessori bed is a good idea

There are good reasons to think that a Montessori floor bed is a good decision.

The first reason is autonomy, which is translated in the way the kid can move around the setting. Cribs do not have that benefit. As a Montessori floor bed is like a small house, the baby can get in and out at his / her convenience.

Security is the second security. Since these beds are low, the likelihood of falls is lower. Children do not have to deal with bars or heights at the moment of getting out of their comfort zone to explore.

According to science, lying babies on the floor is not bad at all, but truly beneficial. With a well-cushioned floor bed, the child must be able to rest and sleep without hurting his neck and back.

Floor beds for babies are evidently more economical and involve less investment in the long run. A Montessori floor bed Ikea is never replaced because it is a small house that you will adjust to the baby’s size. Plus, Montessori beds are minimalistic.


montessori floor bed montessori floor bed with rails, montessori house bed
Montessori floor beds promote the toddler’s independence


How to make your DIY Montessori bed

Creating your DIY Montessori bed for your children is as easy as 5 steps.

The first thing you should do is to protect your children from the humidity and cold of the floor. To achieve this, use a mat or rug under the bed for protection.

Secondly, make ways to build a shelf base to create the Montessori floor bed frame. If you are short of ideas, check Pinterest for more.

When it comes to the mattress, it should be big enough. If it is small, you will lose your investment as soon as the child grows. So, it must be as large as a crib.

As you may know, a mattress is not sufficient to provide the child comfort. Therefore, look for sheets and blankets to reinforce the mattress surface. The sheets and blankets must be all over the Montessori house bed.


montessori bed ikea, montessori floor bed ikea, diy montessori bed, montessori twin bed
Bed canopy decorated with lights in Montessori room


And finally, find toys and pillows. Remember that a Montessori floor bed aims to make your child comfy. Additionally, put pillows, cushions, and teddy bears to make the toddler feel nice at any time. Add Led lights if possible, so he /she won’t feel alone in the dark.

The truth is that a Montessori floor bed is a very attractive option for those who are looking for versatile furniture at a low cost, and an atypical toddler room.

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