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Most Charming Outdoor Wedding ideas For Your Special Day

After much planning, debates, and disagreements, you both have finally decided to exchange your wedding vows under the sun, surrounded by the gorgeous natural flora. Now is the time to brainstorm and come up with some interesting ideas to convert the simple outdoor space into a dreamy wedding venue. 

If you are having a hard time deciding the venue setting and décor, we have got you covered. Presenting the most charming outdoor wedding ideas. Take a look. 


 Most Charming Outdoor Wedding ideas For Your Special Day


Keep the color palette natural 

The biggest benefit of an outdoor wedding is that you get a natural and the most gorgeous backdrop. Do not disturb it with colors that obliterate the natural vibe. Keep the color palette as close to natural as possible. From accessories to the theme, let every element speak about the season and nature. 

For instance, if you are planning a seaside wedding, stick to yellow and blue. If you are planning a rustic wedding, use a neutral color scheme and if it’s a country wedding, go for earthy tones. 

Incorporate the color palette in décor, such as in table settings, bouquets, etc. 


Outdoor Wedding ideas
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Create multiple lounging areas

Outdoor weddings spell a relaxed ambiance. To enhance the laidback element, create multiple lounging areas on the venue. Scatter the outdoor seating lounges across the venue or surrounding the formal table seating. 

A causal setting allows your guests to go around, mingle with other guests, and enjoy themselves. 

Bring in the barrels 

Whisky or wine barrels are more versatile than you think. If you are having an outdoor wedding, especially a country-style wedding, use them as a prop to elevate the overall look of your venue. 

You can use a barrel in many ways. Place it at the entrance or create a bar with it. You can also top them with fresh flowers and create an interesting photo booth. 


Ready To Say “I Do”? Here Are The Most Charming Outdoor Wedding ideas For Your Special Day



Add chandeliers

Having an outdoor wedding does not mean that you can’t have those exotic crystal chandeliers. You can hang beautiful chandeliers across the venue to illuminate the setting and add charm and elegance to your wedding venue. 

Hang swings

It is one of the most interesting ideas for your outdoor wedding. Hang simple swings from large tea branches across your venue. While the kids and other guests will enjoy this off-beat seating idea, you can use it as the perfect place to click your wedding photos. 


Ready To Say “I Do”? Here Are The Most Charming Outdoor Wedding ideas For Your Special Day
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Add color with carpets and rugs 

If you wish to add a dash of color to the natural setting, do it by bringing gorgeous and colorful carpets and rugs. One of the best ways to use them is by creating an aisle with them. It will highlight the areas and give an edgy look to the simple outdoor setting. 

Combat weather in style 

Weather often plays a spoilsport at outdoor weddings. Hence, preparing to combat the weather beforehand is crucial.

If you are getting married in winter, keep warm and snuggly blankets to keep your guests comfortable. If it’s summer, cover the venue with a parasol to protect your guests from the scorching sun. For rain, place large umbrellas in prominent places across the venue. 


 Most Charming Outdoor Wedding ideas For Your Special Day
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Take care of mosquitoes 

You do not want mosquitoes and wasps to buzz around the venue and irritate your guests. Hence, make provisions to deal with them. 

Citronella candles are very effective in keeping wasps, mosquitoes, and other notorious insects at bay. Light them throughout the venue or have bug spray handy to take care of them. 

The bottom line 

You are finally getting married to the love of your life, and the celebration should be nothing short of perfect. Use these charming ideas to create a perfect outdoor setting for your fairytale outdoor wedding. 


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