The Most Common Types of Windows For Homes Today

Windows are one of the most popular fixtures in a home – and for good reason. If you are thinking of renovating your home, the types of windows can contribute to the sustainability and energy efficiency of your home

The window sector is bigger than it seems today. In order to buy the types of windows, you have to learn about the types of carpentry, the different window models, and the types of window glass, as well Today, we can find many types of windows and types of bay windows that are made of a variety of materials, most of which are wood, PVC, and aluminum, as we’ll see below.  In this article, we are going to talk about some types of windows that are ideal with the majority of domestic uses.


Types of Window Frames


Wood gives windows a rustic and natural style. This profile is aesthetically very attractive. The material is a natural insulator.

The main disadvantages of these types of windows are the high cost and maintenance. On the other hand, these windows wear quickly to solar radiation.

Wood is the material of choice for heritage homes, log cabins, farmhouses, and for homeowners who want to create a more rustic look in their homes.

PVC Profile 

PVC windows have evolved a lot since they are on the market. These types of windows offer good insulation and are highly demanded because of their soundproofing capacity and thermal efficiency.

Since they are available in a range of colors and hues, they are easy to adjust to all home designs.

Combined with Low-E glass, these types of windows are an efficient, popular, and affordable option for many homes.


types of windows types of window frames, types of window glass, types of bay Windows
PVC window


Aluminum profile 

Aluminum windows are a very good option to consider when choosing windows for the house. They are very resistant to changes in temperature, solar radiation, and inclement weather.

These types of windows generally have greater thermal insulation. Nowadays, aluminum windows are the most chosen by consumers due to their benefits and the wide range of finishes and colors they come with.

Types of Window Glass

One aspect you can’t afford to overlook is the type of glass. The types of window glass and the profiles determine how efficient and insulating the windows are. These aspects play an important role in the comfort level they may provide to the home.

Float glass

Float glass is used in types of windows that combine several layers of float glass. They are made from mixtures of vitrifying compounds, such as silica; fluxes, alkaline, and stabilizers like lime.


types of windows types of window frames, types of window glass, types of bay Windows
Float glass


Tempered glass

Tempered glass is mainly a safety glass whose manufacturing process engages different thermal or chemical treatments that make them more resistant than the windows with normal glass.

Apart from their greater resistance, they break in a singular way. They will break into very small pieces and never into large and sharp pieces. Therefore, the possibility of getting hurt with these windows is much lower when they crack or break.

Single or monolithic glass

It is a type of glass that is currently in disuse. As this glass has very low thermal and acoustic properties, it is not recommended for households.


types of windows types of window frames, types of window glass, types of bay Windows


How much does a window glass weigh?

If you want to calculate in an easy way how much the glass of a window weighs, simply multiply the square meters of glass by its thickness and then by 2.5.

In this way, for example, a one-square piece of glass of one square meter that is 4mm thick will weigh 1 x 4 x 2.5 = 10 kg. As you can see, the sheets and thickness make the glass and the window heavier. Consequently, it is important to choose a window system that supports the weight of the glass without the risk of breakage.

Types of openings

In this technical aspect, choose a window with an opening system that suits your needs. Choose an open mechanism or system that gives easy access to the room where it is installed. Pick up the most functional type of window.

There are several types of window openings, as follows.


types of windows types of window frames, types of window glass, types of bay Windows


Fixed window

These types of windows cannot open. They are used in air-conditioned rooms or buildings, partitions, offices, small rooms, or in dark and not ventilated rooms.

Top hung windows

They are the most common windows in most rooms in houses. They usually have one or two layers of glass that open with a lateral opening mechanism. If you are looking to boost acoustic and thermal insulation, top-hung windows are the most appropriate choice.


types of windows types of window frames, types of window glass, types of bay Windows


Casement window

Casement windows open slightly from top to bottom towards the interior. They do not open completely and do not allow peeking. They are often used in offices, bathrooms, and garages.

Tilt-and-turn window

A versatile opening system that allows lateral opening and inclined opening. This last position ventilates the rooms without having the window wide open.


types of windows types of window frames, types of window glass, types of bay Windows
Tilt-and-turn window


Sliding window

Their glass moves horizontally on a rail inserted in the frame. They are the right option for areas limited by furniture or corners.

Nonetheless, these types of windows do not close hermetically.

Parallel slide and tilt window

Parallel slide and tilt windows combine the horizontal displacement of sliding windows with the inclined opening system of other windows.


types of windows types of window frames, types of window glass, types of bay Windows


Pivot window

This type of window has a sash that rotates around a central axis. It is common to find it in attics and roofs.

Combination windows

They integrate several glasses and different types of opening mechanisms.



The design is the final factor when choosing the best types of windows. Consider the models, aesthetics, and colors. The windows should have the capacity to retain or regulate heat very well. Windows with a poor design are not helpful to save energy and minimize bills.

Generally, these types of windows are manufactured with several materials, which include iron, aluminum, wood, and steel. These materials help cool rooms.

Wood windows are the favorite of many because of their resistance and capability to keep a room warm or cool. However, wooden window installation can cost a lot of money. There are many types of wood that regulate temperature really well. Yet, not all these types of windows do this as they should.


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